Captain Feature

Captain Feature: Captain Spencer Davis ’18 Leads With Dedication and Optimism

Co-Captain Feature: Jason Reynolds ’18 Unifies Team with Energy and Humor

Co-Captain Feature: Dallion Johnson ’20 Sets Standard Through Hard Work and Dedication

Captain Feature: David Tsai ’18 Leads Squash Team with Passion and Athleticism

Captain Feature: Caroline Yun ’18 Inspires Squash Teammates with Unrelenting Work-Ethic

Quinn Doyle ’18 Leads Boys Hockey with a Team-Oriented Mindset

Two-Year Captain Jack Cusack ’18 Rebuilds Andover Hockey

Co-Captain Feature: Nathaniel Smith ’18 Utilizes Strong Communication

Co-Captain Feature: Nick Isenhower ’18 Leads With Focus and Passion

Captain Feature: Grace Rademacher ’18 Finds Courage from Running

Co-Captain Feature: Morgan Cutts ’18 Guides Boys Soccer with Versatile Skills

Co-Captain Feature: Will Raphael ’18 Draws Inspiration from Teammates

Captain Elizabeth Welch ’18 Embodies PAFH’s Defining Team Spirit

Captain Feature: Marino ’18 Leads by Example to Motivate Runners of All Levels

Girls Soccer Co-Captain Feature: Molly Katarincic ’18 Leads With Optimism and Encouragement

Girls Soccer Co-Captain Feature: Krystiana Swain ’18 Leads by Example On and Off the Field

Girls Soccer Co-Captain Feature: Tookie Wilson ’18 Anchors Andover’s Defense

Boys Volleyball Co-Captain Feature: Evan Park ’18 Enters Second Year as Captain

Boys Volleyball Co-Captain Feature: Austin Tuan ’17 Leads with Growth Mindset

Captain’s Feature: Will Hartemink ’17 Leads Team through Dedication and Experience

Captain’s Feature: Sidney Holder ’17 Inspires Teammates through Compassion and Hard Work

Girls Swimming Co-Captain Gwyneth Wei ’17

Girls Swimming Co-Captain Katherine Sweetser ’17

Co-Captain: Pierce Bausano ’18

Co-Captain: Alex Cleveland ’17

Captain: Andrew Reavis ’17

Captain: Emma Kelley ’17

Girls Volleyball Captain Feature: Evelyn Mesler ’17

Captain Feature: Jonathan Xue ’17, Boys Water Polo

Captain Feature: Daniel Tran ’17, Boys Water Polo

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