Phillipian Satire: The Academy’s New Task Forces

Playlist of the Week 1/21: Jacob Collier, Songs from Shang-Chi, The Taxpayers, and More!

Review: “Don’t Look Up”- A Powerful Message Bathed in Technical Chaos

Emily Boon ’23 Experiments Beyond Realism With Ceramics

Emory Wilson ’23 Puts a Modern Twist on Retro Men’s Fashion in Academic-Inspired Style

‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ Honors the Noir Feel of The Scottish Play

Review: “The King’s Man”—Far from Royalty Yet Still Worth the High

The Phillipian’s Pick: Best of 2021 Film

“Out of the Bottom Drawer”: Theatre-910 Identity Cast Collectively Examines Personal Vulnerabilities With Gender and Sexuality Themes

Review: ‘Mother / Android’ Short-Circuits Without Making an Impression

Jack Warren ’22 Preserves Signature ‘Headrush’ Style in Pop-Music Foray ‘Not My Job’

Look(s) of the Week: Quarantine Fashion Review

Playlist of the Week 1/14: Andover’s 2021 Wrapped

Review: A Unique Take on Romance—‘Single’s Inferno’ Brings Heaven and Hell into the World of Love

Review: ‘Sing 2’: Another Phenomenon That Will Give You Goosebumps, and a Few Tears

Review: Fun and Sincere—‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Swings for the Fences and Delivers

​​Review: “Hellbound”—The Sinner’s Struggle Between Fate And Hope

A 25 Year Tradition: Mrs. Paulson Showcases Festive Outfits for the Holidays, Honors the “Hideous Whimsy” of Childhood Teachers’ Christmas Sweaters

Review: “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean: Part 1” Breaks Stereotypical Molds with Representation, Ingenuity, and Style

‘Throne of Blood:’ A Retrospective

Playlist of the Week 12/10: Regina Spektor, BTS, Cosmo Pyke, and More!

Review: “House of Gucci”––Even Lady Gaga Can’t Save This Sinking Ship

Huda Abdulrasool ’22 Builds Style Around Bold “Centerpieces” With Versatile Wardrobe Staples

Finding Freedom in Music: Bobby Hickman ’22 Adapts to Novel Experiences with Percussion

Dancer and Choreographer Amithi Tadigadapa ’23 Creates Narratives Through Dancing

Review: 40 Years Later—ABBA’s Farewell ‘Voyage’ Comes out with a Dazzling Bang

“Hope is the Thing With Feathers”: Gelb Gallery Hosts Exhibit In Memoriam of Emily Trespas

Astronomy Club x The Pariah: Creating a Space for Connections Between Astronomy and Writing

‘Last Night in Soho’ — A Dream Turns to a Nightmare

Chamber Orchestra Shares Its Harmonic Cohesion and Familial Connection

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