Review: 40 Years Later—ABBA’s Farewell ‘Voyage’ Comes out with a Dazzling Bang

“Hope is the Thing With Feathers”: Gelb Gallery Hosts Exhibit In Memoriam of Emily Trespas

Astronomy Club x The Pariah: Creating a Space for Connections Between Astronomy and Writing

‘Last Night in Soho’ — A Dream Turns to a Nightmare

Chamber Orchestra Shares Its Harmonic Cohesion and Familial Connection

Academy Concert Band Members Showcase Their Connection With Holst and Stravinsky

“Life Itself” Dance Performance Celebrates Meaningful Human Experiences Despite Show-Cancelling Technical Difficulties

“Anon(ymous)” Production Delivers Nuanced Performance Conveying Themes of Belonging and Connection

Violinist Cathy Cho ’22 Finds Friendship and Mentors through Bonding with Andover Music Community

Look of the Weekend: From Disney Classics to “Celestial” Elegance, Halloween and GSA Ball Showcase Array of Student Outfits

Review of “Night Teeth”: Netflix’s New Vampire Movie Fails to Leave a Mark

AWA and G.S.A. Collaborate Held First Ever Creative Writing Cafe Themed, “Queering Your Writing”

Artist Feature: Belle Brown ’23 Views Art Through Emotional Eyes

Solar Lu ’24 Combines “Mystical” Style and Realistic Portraiture to Comment on Identity

Review: “My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission” Doesn’t ‘Go Beyond’

LOTW: Jason Kim ’23 Finds Individuality and Comfort in Simplicity and Unique Color Combos

Artist Linh Dang ’23 Connects with Childhood and Subverts Artist Expectations Through Crocheting

Artist Joy Kim ’23 Explores New Mediums and Showcases Original Thinking in Her Art

Holst, Folk Tunes, and Wordless Songs: Orchestra, Band, and Chorus Performances Bring Joy and Musical Community to Family Weekend

Review: A Success in Spectacle—“Dune” is a Triumph in Worldbuilding

Review: Adele’s New Song is “Easy On” the Ears

“Back With a Bang”: Grasshopper 2021 to Revel in Extravagance in Annual Family Weekend Performance

“This Film is the Velvet Underground”: “The Velvet Underground” is an Immersion in the Avant-Garde 1960s

Drawing from Wide-Ranging Experience, Jacob Kaiser ’24 Wields Versatility to Merge Dance Styles

LOTW: Langston Reid ’24 Contrasts Simplicity and Detail in Wardrobe and Clothing Brand

Timeless Extravagance—Moments to Remember from Grasshopper 2021

New Addison Exhibition ‘Language, Sequence, and Structure’ Brings Theory, Feminism, and Gay Semiotics Together

Review & Retrospective: Mitski Emerges from Hiatus with Return to Musical Roots in “Working for the Knife”

Look of the Week: Inspired by Alternative Music, Chloe Bao ’24 Embodies Edgy TikTok Styles

Faculty Jazz Ensemble Aims to Rejuvenate and Enrich Andover Community

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