Look of the Week

Look of the Week Four Years Later: Amour Ellis ’22 Finds Confidence in Comfort

LOTW Part II: The ‘Trendy Triplets’: Nikita Muromcew ’21, Mary Muromcew ’22, and Natasha Muromcew ’22 Two Years Later

David Zhu ’21 Utilizes Trendy Style through Accessories and Pastel Color Palettes as Form of Self-Expression

LOTW Miraya Bhayani ’21 Pieces Together Her Diverse Cultural Identity Through Outfits

LOTW: Evalyn Lee ’23 Prioritizes Sustainability through Thrifting

LOTW: Scarlett Ruan ’23 Incorporates Different Pieces in “Genre-Blind” Style

LOTW: Alanna Olsen ’23 Borrows Vintage Clothing Items from Parents’ Closets

LOTW: Cisco Hernandez ’23 Stays Productive by Dressing Up for Online Classes

LOTW: Hanbie Park ’23 Finds Confidence in Monochromatic Tracksuits and Neon Colors

LOTW: Karsten Rynearson ’22 Challenges Gender Presentation with “Femme-Divinity” Style

Look of the Week: Izzy Alvarez ’23 Rejuvenates Style Through Runway Shows and Social Media

LOTW: Lily Haik ’22 Thrifts with Purpose

LOTW: Yssie Vargas ’23 Revamps Style During Quarantine

Cam Wacker ’21 Takes Risks in her Fashion Choices Through Versatility and Accessories

Look of the Week: Lilly Yager ’21 Coordinates Colors with Seasons

Shahinda Bahnasy ’20 Finds Self-Expression in Refined Yet Dynamic Style

Janie Tompkins ’22 Showcases Bold “Chameleon” Style through Wardrobe Versatility

Look of the Week: Alice Keller ’20 Roots Her Fashion and Accessories in Memories, Family, and Friends

Look of the Week: Angel Cleare ’19 Exudes Authenticity and Youth through Clothing

Look of the Week: Lesley Tilghman ’19 Expresses Her Sexuality and Music Taste in Her Style

Look of the Week: “Go Big or Go Home”: Anntonia Taylor ’20 Cultivates a Style Through Confidence

Look of the Week: Bea Hruska ’20 Fashions Diverse Clothing with Unique Accessories

Look of the Week: John Michael Kinney ’20 Merges Texan Style with East Coast Comfort

Look of the Week: Bianca Rodriguez Pagano ’21 Combines Strict Color Schemes with Unique Outerwear

Look of the Week: Arno Min ’19 Draws Fashion Inspiration from His Cultural Upbringing and Family

Look of the Week: The “Trendy Triplets”: Nikita Muromcew ’21, Mary Muromcew ’22, and Natasha Muromcew ’22

Look of the Week: Kiran Ramratnam ’22 Draws Unconventional Fashion from her Culture and Community

Look of the Week: Sam Katz ’19 Combines Bold Colors and Statement Jackets

Look of the Week: Jason DiNapoli ’19 Combines Classy Vests with Crazy Socks

Look of the Week: Jada Li ’21 Explores Fashion with Statement Pieces and Inspiration from Sister

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