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Mia Isacson ’26 Celebrates Her Uruguayan Identity and Artistic Passion Through Fashion

Mia Isacson ’26 has been an avid thrifter since she was 11 years old.

Isacson’s chunky jewelry reflects her Uruguayan heritage.

Mia Isacson ’26 sports black converse, beige cargo pants and a black statement jacket — a color-coordinated outfit straight out of her color-coded wardrobe. This organized approach allows Isacson to enjoy the process of putting together her outfits each morning, a ritual she cherishes.

“I like having a really organized closet and so everything in my closet is color-coded, and all my drawers. The rest of my room can be a complete mess, but my closet has to be color-coded and all my jewelry has to be in spots, so I can pick things up very easily. Also, preparing outfits is my favorite part of the day. I love getting ready, and so every night it’s going to go to sleep knowing what I’m going to wear the next day,” Isacson explained.

Isacson’s style is a vibrant reflection of her personality and cultural background. Her Uruguayan heritage plays a significant role in her fashion choices. Often wearing unique ear pieces and carrying small stones from Uruguay, her accessories serve as a way to feel closer to her roots.

“I’m Uruguayan… on my mom’s side. They wear a lot of heavy jewelry and heavy necklaces. In Uruguay, they wear gauchos… Part of why I got my ears pierced is because I love wearing big earrings, and I feel more in touch with being Uruguayan… My grandma’s obsessed because in her area in Uruguay, they’re finding amethyst in the ground. It’s really common, so she gave me a small stone of amethyst… Also, I feel like I’m a New Yorker, and I like people to know that I’m a New Yorker as soon as they see me. I feel like I dress very ‘New Yorker,’ and if people don’t know I’m from New York as soon as they see me, I’m not doing a good job,” said Isacson. 

As an artsy individual, Isacson finds great joy displaying her interests through her outfits; showcasing aspects of her personality. Her favorite musical artists are evident through her Billie Eilish hoodie and Olivia Rodrigo hoodie, both of which feature meaningful lyrics. 

I really enjoy wearing merchandise. I love it, but it can be quite pricey, so I don’t have a lot of it. I like wearing Billie Eilish hoodies, and I also have Olivia Rodrigo hoodies… I do have a lot of vintage merchandise as well because my mom’s best friend gave me a ton of her old stuff from the ’90s, and it’s really cool. It includes items from girl bands and other cool stuff, and I love wearing it. Additionally, I have a few t-shirts from musicals because I’m a big fan of musicals, so I really enjoy wearing those too. I also like wearing Andover merchandise even when I’m not at Andover, because it shows pride,” said Isacson. 

Fashion serves as a powerful tool for Isacson to boost her own self-confidence and express her unique identity. Her journey into the fashion world wasn’t merely about following trends, but a shift towards choosing outfits that resonated with her. 

She reflected, “As a kid, I wasn’t cute or confident. I was super insecure, especially in elementary school. I sort of had a glow-up, and that’s when I really got into fashion, when I became more confident in my body and started liking myself. I used to only wear things that looked good on me, but now I don’t really care if the clothes suit me. I care more about if they’re cute.”

Thrifted, vintage pieces also hold a special place in Isacson’s closet. Her approach to fashion is consistent, as she has been an enthusiastic thrifter since she was just 11 years old, amassing a collection of unique finds over the years. 

“I’ve had the same taste in clothes since I was 12 or 11. I was thrifting at 11, you know what I mean? So, I have a lot of pieces from when I was really young. I haven’t really changed that much. I’ve tried to be more sophisticated, but I always re-wear [pieces]. I know a lot of people drastically want to change their style, but I never really had that urge.” said Isacson.

Adrianna Singh ’26, a close friend of Isacson, highlighted Isacson’s dynamic fashion sense, praising her ability to effortlessly make any outfit look good with eclectic combinations and signature accessories like parachute pants and multiple rings. Singh noted Mia’s eco-conscious approach through thrifted finds, seeing her style as an extension of artistic talent, reflected in vibrant colors and patterns.

“Her style reflects her dynamic energy. She’s such a sweet energetic person and her fun outfits will show that… Mia’s outfits can literally make anything look good. She’ll put together pieces of clothing that you would probably never even consider pairing. Or she’ll just throw anything together, and she’ll pull it off so well, which I really love about her.” said Singh.