Grasshopper Line-Up Interprets and Executes Extravagance Through “Never-Done-Before” Performances

Eleanor Dehoog ’24 Incorporates Traditional Portraiture Skills Into Modern Merchandise Design

Review: “Squid Game”—A Death Game Show Worth ‘Surviving’ Through

A Murder, A Comedy, and A Song: Drama Labs Opening Night

Look of the Week: Kelly Yang ’24 Uses Confidence to Add a “Personal Twist” to Various Inspirations

Mel Kendrick ’67 Utilizes the Unique Structure of the Addison Gallery to Create Exhibit ‘Seeing Things in Things’

Review of ‘Britney vs. Spears’: Same Documentary, Different Name

Post-Pandemic Opportunities Promote New Visions for Art Clubs

Review: “The North Water” is a Bleak, Deliberate, and Chilling Horror

After Andover: Henry Crater ’20 Sings About Relationship Vulnerabilities and Overanalyzing Love in New EP “Einstein of Love”

Look of The Week: Fae Ross ’24 Derives Inspiration for Bold Style from Rock Music

Movie Review: ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ (2021)– Just Watch The Musical

Grasshopper 2021 Aims to Reunite and Revitalize Community With “Extravagance”

Movie Review: Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings Highlights Asian Representation and Empowering Female Characters

THD-920 Production “Anonymous” Strives to Celebrates Creativity, Community, and the Return to Campus

Music and Dance Groups Foster Energy and Excitement During 2021-2022 Auditions

Review: ‘Cinderella’ (2021)—Movie or Music Video?

Look of the Week Four Years Later: Amour Ellis ’22 Finds Confidence in Comfort

First Sketchy Show of the Year Backed by Improvisational Preparation

Club Show 2021: Dance Clubs Overcome Difficulties to Celebrate Accomplishments and Build Community

Drag Night 2021: A Night of Variety and Celebration

Singer-Songwriter Yuping Zhu ’21 Captures Her Andover Memories with Her New EP: ‘High School’

‘Using Brain Rather than Just Fingers’: Senior Soloist Lexie Mariano ’21 Transcends Technique to Meditate on the Music

The Addison Gallery of American Art Celebrates its Legacy On its 90th Anniversary

Student Performances at Take Back the Night Vigil Bring Solidarity

Review: “Things Seen and Heard” Really Shouldn’t Be Perceived at All

Emma Fu ’21 Senior Recital Reflects Her 12-Year Piano Experience

Jack Warren ’22 Unites People Against Anxiety Through His New Single ‘Wallflower’

Musical Theatre Cabaret Spread

Celebr-Asian Talent Show Brings Unity Within the Asian Andover Community

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