Art for Expression Club Offers a Relaxing Space for Creating Art

LOTW Part II: The ‘Trendy Triplets’: Nikita Muromcew ’21, Mary Muromcew ’22, and Natasha Muromcew ’22 Two Years Later

Review: ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Brings Spectacle and Action, Lacks Substance

Review: Arctic Horror and Terrific Writing—‘The Terror’ is an Exemplar of Small-Screen Storytelling

Artist Andrea Chung Embraces the Natural Lifecycle of Artwork

Jerry Shu ’21 Experiments with Art and Song, Breaking Traditional Boundaries

After Andover: Conductor Robert Ziegler Summer Session ’69 Forges A Unique Career Path with Diverse Repertoire

Movie Retrospective: ‘The Matrix’ is an Anthem for Wokeness in an Era of Social Injustice

Of Motets and Minuets: A Look at Renaissance and Baroque Music

The Language of Fashion

David Zhu ’21 Utilizes Trendy Style through Accessories and Pastel Color Palettes as Form of Self-Expression

Oboist Adrian Lin ’22 Enjoys the ‘Tiny Details’ in Reed Making

A Guide to the Academy’s 2021 Best Picture Nominees

Ben Peréz-Villatorio ’23 Guides Young Men with YouTube Channel

Review: ‘The Lost Pirate Kingdom’ Meanders in the Shallows, Never Puts to Sea

Black Artists at Andover

The Addison’s Currents/Crosscurrents Virtual Gallery Talks Prompt Audience Members to Reflect on Importance of Art History

Culture as Ornamentation: Orientalism in Impressionist Music

After Andover: Filmmaker James Longley ’90 Brings Invisible Cultures to Life Through Observational Documentaries

The Addison Club Showcases Student Artwork for the First Time in “The New Americans” Exhibition

Movie Review: “Supernova” Is Subtle and Unassuming—In All the Best Ways

‘Diverse, Exciting, and Innovative,’ Virtual Dance Open 2021 Emphasizes Optimism as a Principal Theme

Alex Park ’21 Builds a Tight-Knit Music Community Through Storytelling and Experience as an Artist

LOTW Miraya Bhayani ’21 Pieces Together Her Diverse Cultural Identity Through Outfits

Dancer Iris Guo ’23 Uses Dance as a Getaway while Experimenting with Different Styles

“Monologue Madness” Fosters Supportive Competitiveness and Provides a Safe Space For Performers

Andover Writers Alliance Holds Writer’s Symposium Emphasizing Expression, Passion, and Community

Review: “To All the Boys: Always and Forever” —Thankfully There Won’t Be a Fourth One

Celebrating Black History Month: Black Artists in Film

Emma Fu ’21 Plays the Piano as an Instrument of Emotion

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