Artist Joy Kim ’23 Explores New Mediums and Showcases Original Thinking in Her Art

Holst, Folk Tunes, and Wordless Songs: Orchestra, Band, and Chorus Performances Bring Joy and Musical Community to Family Weekend

Review: A Success in Spectacle—“Dune” is a Triumph in Worldbuilding

Review: Adele’s New Song is “Easy On” the Ears

“Back With a Bang”: Grasshopper 2021 to Revel in Extravagance in Annual Family Weekend Performance

“This Film is the Velvet Underground”: “The Velvet Underground” is an Immersion in the Avant-Garde 1960s

Drawing from Wide-Ranging Experience, Jacob Kaiser ’24 Wields Versatility to Merge Dance Styles

LOTW: Langston Reid ’24 Contrasts Simplicity and Detail in Wardrobe and Clothing Brand

Timeless Extravagance—Moments to Remember from Grasshopper 2021

New Addison Exhibition ‘Language, Sequence, and Structure’ Brings Theory, Feminism, and Gay Semiotics Together

Review & Retrospective: Mitski Emerges from Hiatus with Return to Musical Roots in “Working for the Knife”

Look of the Week: Inspired by Alternative Music, Chloe Bao ’24 Embodies Edgy TikTok Styles

Faculty Jazz Ensemble Aims to Rejuvenate and Enrich Andover Community

Grasshopper Line-Up Interprets and Executes Extravagance Through “Never-Done-Before” Performances

Eleanor Dehoog ’24 Incorporates Traditional Portraiture Skills Into Modern Merchandise Design

Review: “Squid Game”—A Death Game Show Worth ‘Surviving’ Through

A Murder, A Comedy, and A Song: Drama Labs Opening Night

Look of the Week: Kelly Yang ’24 Uses Confidence to Add a “Personal Twist” to Various Inspirations

Mel Kendrick ’67 Utilizes the Unique Structure of the Addison Gallery to Create Exhibit ‘Seeing Things in Things’

Review of ‘Britney vs. Spears’: Same Documentary, Different Name

Post-Pandemic Opportunities Promote New Visions for Art Clubs

Review: “The North Water” is a Bleak, Deliberate, and Chilling Horror

After Andover: Henry Crater ’20 Sings About Relationship Vulnerabilities and Overanalyzing Love in New EP “Einstein of Love”

Look of The Week: Fae Ross ’24 Derives Inspiration for Bold Style from Rock Music

Movie Review: ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ (2021)– Just Watch The Musical

Grasshopper 2021 Aims to Reunite and Revitalize Community With “Extravagance”

Movie Review: Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings Highlights Asian Representation and Empowering Female Characters

THD-920 Production “Anonymous” Strives to Celebrates Creativity, Community, and the Return to Campus

Music and Dance Groups Foster Energy and Excitement During 2021-2022 Auditions

Review: ‘Cinderella’ (2021)—Movie or Music Video?

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