Boys Squash Captain Feature

Captain Feature: David Tsai ’18 Leads Squash Team with Passion and Athleticism

Originally from Natick, Mass., David Tsai ’18 grew up playing squash ever since he was introduced to the sport by his father. His love and passion for the sport developed during his time at Andover. Tsai has been playing squash competitively since the beginning of his Andover career and was elected captain of Andover Boys Squash after his Lower year.

Tsai said, “It wasn’t until last year when I really fell in love with the game. I love the intensity of one on one competition, but it is the team aspect — the notion that every match counts and we are all working towards the same goal — that attracts me the most.”

Tsai exhibits leadership in his captaincy and believes that everyone contributes to the team in their own way. As captain for the second year in a row, Tsai makes sure that his teammates have opportunities to be exposed to adversity, so they learn how to persevere through various challenges.

Tsai said, “Failures and setbacks are often our greatest teachers, and it is in these times where I have learned the most about myself. The value that is the foundation to my life on a team or in a dorm is that I put others needs before my own.”

His leadership and athleticism are recognized by Head Coach John Roberts, Director of Squash. According to Coach Roberts, Tsai is an exemplary student-athlete, as he is determined to improve as well as be an ideal figure for the younger teammates.

Roberts said, “David leads by example both on and off the squash court. His outstanding work ethic is evident every day in practice and really sets a strong example for the younger members of the team. David’s an excellent athlete, which is critical in a game like squash. Having the determination to retrieve every ball no matter the situation is great for the younger players to witness and, in turn, instills a similar mentality in them.”
Tsai’s teammates also recognize his passion for the team, leadership, and athleticism.

Jack Lee ’20 said, “He is a very respectful person who supports his teammates with great energy and a loud voice. He also is one of the most caring squash players in the game and has a deep love for the game which has spread to all of us on the team. He is the first one there and the last one out, which proves his dedication to the sport. ”

This season, Tsai hopes the team will excel and grow as people and as athletes.

Tsai said, “My goals have changed as the season has gone on. At first, I strictly wanted us to excel in competition, but I have come to the realization that the team means far more to me than the scores of our games. I care so much about each person I play with that it would be a disservice to them as a Senior if I did not prioritize their personal growth before their squash growth.”

According to Tsai, he is also incredibly grateful for the people he has met over the course of his time at Andover and the immense impact they have had on him.

“Everyone who plays sports knows that the mentors you walk away with mean far more in the grand scheme of life than a win-loss record. The invaluable teachers Andover sports have put into my life mean the world to me. I am trying to make every single day count with the team because I am so grateful to be surrounded by such great people,” said Tsai.