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Captain’s Feature: Sidney Holder ’17 Inspires Teammates through Compassion and Hard Work

Competing primarily in the Long Jump, the 50-Yard Dash, and the 300-Yard Dash, Captain Sidney Holder ’17 has led Girls Indoor Track & Field to a 5-1 record this winter. Last winter, Holder set a new Upper record in the Long Jump, recording a mark of 16’ 9.6”, and she has earned 40.0 points in six meets for Andover, the second most on the team behind Fredericka Lucas ’18.

A four-year Senior hailing from Vienna, Vt., Holder was first introduced to Indoor Track & Field during her Junior year at Andover. She had only played softball before coming to Andover, but Holder took advantage of the opportunity to try a new sport and has been on the team ever since.

Holder said, “My freshman year, Jonathan Arone, class of 2014, was our captain at the time, and he was just an amazing mentor to me, and he made me really not just enjoy the sport, but really love it and love the spirit of the team here.”

As a captain, Holder upholds an atmosphere of encouragement and friendliness, according to her teammates and coaches. Holder has worked to welcome new members and create a tight-knit group with all of the track athletes.

“She’s got a great positive energy, it feels really contagious. She’s friendly, and she also just clearly cares how people are experiencing track,” said Distance Coach Jeffrey Domina.

Her success and hard work as an athlete also inspires her teammates to push to be better in their respective events in order to help the team succeed.

Zizo Bahnasy ’17 said, “Sidney is the type of person to inspire people by doing what she does. People look up to her and they see what she does as something they should do, as well, and there’s a community that’s formed based on this ideal, this vision for the team, and everyone gets behind it.”

Rhea Prem ’19 said, “She really inspires me, because I see how hard she works, and even though it may not be her favorite event, she always puts her 100 percent into every event that she does. She also helps everybody get into a great mood before the meet. “

Holder has not only shown others how to be a good athlete, but also how to be a good teammate and role model.

Head Coach Rebecca Hession said, “[Holder’s] actions demonstrate to the team what it means to be a true member of the team. And I would say to lead not only just in the way that she practices, and the way she performs, but also on how she carries herself just as a teammate. Someone who is knowledgeable of what her other teammates are doing on the track and off the track, and she’s just truly passionate about the team experience.”

This spring, Holder will compete in her first season of outdoor Track & Field. Typically, Holder competes on Andover Softball but aims to expand her track experience further this year for another season.

“I will be here in the spring, which is new. I am, of course, going to continue working on the Long Jump and the [50-Yard Dash], or race the [300-Yard Dash], and I’ll be trying new events, like maybe the [4×100-Meter Relay]. Maybe I’ll be trying the [200-Meter Dash]. The Triple Jump, maybe. I want to try new things and hopefully do well and improve in them,” said Holder.

After a strong regular season record, Holder looks to lead the team to success in the USATF Championships on Sunday.