Winter Sports

Girls Hockey Co-Captain Rachel Neyman is Driven but Calm on the Ice

Girls Hockey Co-Captain Indi Wagner Strives to Balance Seriousness with Fun within the Team

Girls Squash Captain Mafi Pinot ’22 Leads with “Infectious Determination, Passion, and Enthusiasm”

Girls Squash Head Coach Jennifer Elliott ’94 Focuses on Getting to Know Players “On and Off the Court”

Back on Campus: Senior In-Person Winter Athletics Reflection

J. Richard Lux Awardee and Captain, Riggs McGrath ’21 sees Wrestling as both a Physical and Mental Sport

Captain Nikita Muromcew ’21 Finds Comfort and Camaraderie in Andover Nordic

Snowy Siberia Provides Comfort for Nordic Skiers and Members of Andover Community

Co-Captain Matt Veneri ’21 Encourages Consistent Work Ethic and Team Bonding

Girls Hockey Co-Captain Anna Bargman ’21 Manages to Continue Competing Despite Covid-19 Restrictions

Co-Captain Bridget Santos ’21 Leads With Strong Vocal Presence

Co-Captain Molly MacQueen ’21 Brings Passionate Energy and Fosters Close Friendships on Girls Hockey

Co-Captain Niya Harris ’21 Focuses on Strengthening Team Chemistry and Staying Engaged Remotely

Co-Captain Summer Seward ’21 Leads Girls Basketball With Her “Contagious Energy”

Luke Gordos PG’21 Reflects on Canceled Season

Co-Captain Zach Moynihan ’21 Is a ‘Positive and Encouraging Leader’

Co-Captain Ayana Alemayehu ’21 Exemplifies Persistence and Confidence

Co-Captain Myra Bhathena ’22 Breaks School Records While Building Community

Co-Captain Lillie Cooper ’21 Brings Kindness and Humility to ‘Individual Sport’

Virtual Track and Field Relay Encourages Collaboration and Competitive Spirit

Co-Captain Siddhant Sinha ’21 Brings Prior Experience in National Circuit to Andover

Chelsea Cho ’21 Inspires Consistency and Perseverance in Teammates

Co-Captain Erik Wang ’21 Puts ‘100 Percent on the Court’

Co-Captain Abby Ryan ’21 Is an ‘Integral Part’ of the Girls Swimming and Diving Team

Co-Captain Hailey Wadell ’21 Leads With Confidence and Optimism

Captain Marcus Lee ’21 Tackles Every Challenge with Positivity

Captain Q&A: Reigning Nepsac Champion Zack Peng ’21 ‘Treats Every Practice Like a Competition’

Winter Coaches Set Expectations for Unconventional Season

Track and Field Runners Stay Connected Online After ‘Lenient’ In-Person Training

Andover Nordic Anticipates Outdoor Practice for Winter Season

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