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Co-Captain Summer Seward ’21 Leads Girls Basketball With Her “Contagious Energy”

Co-Captain Summer Seward ’21 is the starting power forward on the team.

Co-Captain Summer Seward ’21 has been a member of Andover Girls Basketball since Junior year.

Summer Seward ’21 started playing basketball in the second grade with the encouragement of her family and friends. After growing interested in the sport, Seward joined her school team in middle school as well as many other club teams. She carried her excitement for the sport all the way to Andover Girls Basketball by being the “designated hype woman” and a pivotal player, according to Hope Nardone ’23. Nardone continued that Seward is a positive role model for the team.

“Even when [Summer] wasn’t a captain, I think she was always considered one of the team’s leaders. She has a really contagious energy… I would say she leads through her positivity, honesty, and dedication,” said Nardone.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to basketball?

It’s always sort of been my teammates, whoever I’m on the floor with. I love being on the floor with people I trust and people I love… I’m playing for them. I’m going to play to get better for them.

What is your favorite position to play? Why?

I love to play the forward, which is the power forward. I like to be inside in the paint; I like to get quick easy layups; I like to get rebounds and have my teammates get quick easy layups. I think that’s the best part of the game.

What is your favorite aspect of basketball?

I think my favorite aspect of basketball is the energy. If I’m on the bench, I’m giving all my energy. I leave every game with no voice because I’m screaming so loud. If I’m on the court, I love the energy I get from my teammates, I love the trash talk, I love the energy from the crowd, I love getting hype. That’s the best part of the game in my opinion.

What is your favorite memory from being on the team?

There’s definitely good moments on the court and definitely some good moments off the court as well. Some of my favorite on court memories was when we played [Phillips Exeter Academy] My season got cut short last season, but at the beginning of the season we played Exeter in a [winter] tournament, that was a really good game. We had new [Juniors] who really came to play the whole tournament and it was a great time. We got to see all the [Juniors] step into their element and we really blended as a team. That was really awesome.

What is your favorite basketball team? Your favorite player?

My favorite team has always been the [Duke Blue Devils basketball team at Duke University]. Mostly because my parents went to North Carolina and their rival was Duke, so from a young age I was a huge Duke fan just to make my parents mad. They’re a beast of a team and so I love them. My favorite player is probably Jayson Tatum. He plays for the Boston Celtics and I’m a Boston person.

How are you and the team staying connected online?

We’re doing some scheduled Zooms weekly, trying to check in with each other. It’s hard to get into the gym, it’s hard to keep in shape, and stuff like that. So we’re just making sure that everybody is mentally there, mentally okay because I know a lot of us use basketball as an outlet, whether it’s from school or home life.