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Co-Captain Molly MacQueen ’21 Brings Passionate Energy and Fosters Close Friendships on Girls Hockey

Andover Girls Hockey Co-Captain Molly MacQueen ’21 began her hockey career when she was three. Before joining Andover hockey, MacQueen played for a variety of different teams in New York. According to Rachel Neyman ’22, MacQueen’s kindness and enthusiasm are cornerstones of the team and she is able to lead while bonding with her teammates. 


“Molly’s energy makes us a better team by getting everyone excited and ready to play. Her spirit makes us hit the ice with a burst of energy and start off our games strong… I feel very grateful to have her as one of my captains this year and to have her as a friend more than anything,” Neyman wrote in an email to The Phillipian.

When did you start playing hockey (what teams and for how long)?


I began playing hockey when I was three in Ithaca, [New York] I played for both girls’ and boys’ teams there before joining a tier 1 team in Syracuse, [New York], and eventually coming to Andover.

What is your favorite thing about the sport?

[My] favorite thing about hockey is most definitely the people. The relationships with teammates and coaches that hockey has brought me are simply invaluable. There is nothing I love more than being a part of a team, and hockey has allowed that to be central to every stage of my life.

What were your goals for the season originally and how did they change?

As always, we prioritize team chemistry and dynamic[s], and first and foremost wanted to have a close-knit, hardworking, and fun group. Putting the team first has always been key to our success in the past, and we planned on that leading us to another [championship] run this season. Since losing the season, our hopes of [New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (Nepsac)] Championship redemption have been postponed, but our other goals have remained intact, and we are continuing to practice what is most important as we play together.

Do you have a pregame ritual/what do you do to prepare for games (mentally or physically)?

After our team warms up, I usually pass with a teammate, tape my stick, and listen to music in the locker room with the team.

What was one of your favorite experiences on Andover hockey (maybe a favorite game)?

My memories with [Girls Varsity Hockey] are endless, but our semi-final win at home against Loomis last year definitely takes the win. We made program history hosting a semi-final game… as well as earning our place in the Nepsac championship game. Our play, coaching, leadership, and fans were a testament to Andover and to the program.

How do you feel you’ve grown as a person and athlete through Andover athletics?

Throughout [my] years on [Girls Varsity Hockey], I have learned so much about being a teammate, leader, friend, and player. I have spent some of the happiest and saddest times of my life in the Andover jersey, and could not be more grateful for the way that [the team] has shaped me into the person I am.