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Girls Hockey Co-Captain Anna Bargman ’21 Manages to Continue Competing Despite Covid-19 Restrictions

During her lower year, Co-Captain Anna Bargman ’21 was the lead scorer for Andover Girls Hockey.

In the absence of a Senior season, Girls Hockey Co-Captain Anna Bargman ’21 worked with her co-captains to bring the team together on and off the ice. With many years of hockey experience, Bargman has been on the team for the past four years and strives to lead like her former teammates. According to teammate Olivia McManus ’23, Bargman sets the tone with her intensity and by supporting every player whenever possible.


“[Anna is] super welcoming to all the new players on the team and never fails to make everyone laugh with her random jokes. On the ice, Anna sets the tone with her speed and relentless forechecking. She catches passes that no one would think could be caught and makes the most insane plays with her nifty hands. I can always count on her to hype me up while stepping on the ice or with her DJing skills. Besides that, off the ice, Anna has always been someone I could talk to if I’ve ever needed anything,” wrote McManus in an email to The Phillipian.


When did you start playing hockey?


I first started skating when I was around two and then I started actually playing the game and joined a team when I was four, so it’s been a long time.


What was your experience like being on the Varsity team your Junior year?


I was definitely super nervous because obviously everyone was so good and I felt like everyone was so much better than me but definitely the environment the team had my [Junior] year, and every year since was very welcoming. Everyone wanted to see me succeed and that helped me. I definitely wanted to be where those Seniors were as a player and I think I kept that in mind throughout the next three years.


How have you been connecting with your teammates despite being off-campus? 


We’ve gathered the majority of our team and started scheduling games with other teams that don’t have a season either. We’ve been playing a lot of games against schools like Dexter Southfield, Brooks, Governor’s, and other teams. We’ve had about 10 games and it’s really fun since most of our team is local so the majority of the team is able to play. Kids who live further away and can’t be there connect over text and Zoom.


Who have been your role models during your hockey career?


When I was really young, my older brother was my role model because we had a backyard rink and we used to play out there together… We had a lot of healthy competition and he pushed me to get better as I was developing as a player. I also really looked up to all the Upperclassmen at Andover, specifically Charlotte Welch ’18, she was one of the captains my [Junior] year. I got to play on a line with her and it was super nerve-racking but she pushed me to be better and I strive to be the player that she was.


What is your favorite memory from Andover Hockey?


I have a lot of favorite memories but, most recently, we played Loomis [Chaffee] last year in one of our last games and we tied it up and won in overtime with 23 seconds left. Then what made it very memorable was after the game we got rushed off the ice because there was an incident on campus and we had to lock down in the locker room because there was a supposed active shooter on campus, but it turned out to just be a road rage situation. We were forced to stay in the locker room for upwards of 2 hours and in the moment everyone was scared but afterward, when we got back on the bus, it was a super fun ride home because we had won. That memory will stay with me forever.