Captain Nikita Muromcew ’21 Finds Comfort and Camaraderie in Andover Nordic

Snowy Siberia Provides Comfort for Nordic Skiers and Members of Andover Community

Andover Nordic Anticipates Outdoor Practice for Winter Season

Nordic Finishes Strong at Nepsac Championships

Gallaudet ’23 Places First, Leads Andover to Strong Performance Before League Championship

Nordic Places 5th and 6th in Holderness Race

Andover Varsity Nordic Races Against Proctor In Artificial Snow

Andover Nordic Competes Against Proctor In Untimed Race

Nordic Caps off its Season

Senior Reflections

Co-Captain Feature: Co-Captain Eli Newell ’20 “is the Embodiment of Non Sibi”

Head Coach Feature: “The Heart of the Nordic Program”: Head Coach Keith Robinson ’94 Comes Full Circle

Co-Captain Feature: Co-Captain Neil Thorley ’19 Brings 12 Years of Nordic Racing Experience

Athlete of the Week: Nikita Muromcew ’21 Enjoys Nordic’s Unique Team Bond

Andover Participates in Skiathlon-Style Race

New Nordic Skiers Impress at Cardigan

Andover Participates in First Official Race of Season

Andover Nordic Races on Snow for First Time This Season

Two 5th Place Finishes for Nordic at NEPSACs

Head Coach Feature: Keith Robinson ’94 Leads Nordic Newcomers With Experience And Camaraderie

Nordic Competes at Proctor Academy

Athlete of the Week: Posie Millett ’20 Values Kindness and Being a Supportive Teammate

Captain Feature: Claudia Leopold ’18 Takes Advantage of Alpine Skiing Experience

Captain Feature: Captain Spencer Davis ’18 Leads With Dedication and Optimism

Nordic Secures Third In Boys and Fifth in Girls

Nordic Starts Season With Successful Meets

Andover Nordic Secures Sixth Despite Location Change

Andover Nordic Finishes Sixth Out of 11

Carmen Bango ’16 Captures Victory

Andover Overcomes Unfamiliar Race Format

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