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Captain Feature: Captain Spencer Davis ’18 Leads With Dedication and Optimism

In his third year on Andover Nordic Skiing, Captain Spencer Davis ’18 aims to guide the team to a successful winter season by leading with perseverance and passion. Going into the 2018 Lakes Region Championships, Davis hopes to make this year a winning season.

Davis recalled a team trip to Waterville Valley Resort his Lower year, during which he spent time perfecting a single technique called the V1. Pushing with pole plants, skiers who use this tactic are able to go up hills more effectively.

Davis said, “I couldn’t figure out how to go uphill very well. That turned into a bit of a problem during races — I was super inefficient at doing that… [I trained] with Coach [Keith] Robinson, working on that technique to get up the hill. Ever since, [uphill sections have] been my favorite part of the race.”
Davis has been competing for Andover since being introduced to the Nordic team by a friend.

“As a kid, I grew up downhill skiing. I skied a couple of times with my dad on Nordic skis. We did that once or twice. When I was younger, he was very into skiing. Then, in my Lower year, one of my best friends encouraged me to try out [for Nordic], and since then I’ve been hooked.”
Davis cites Coaches Mika Latva-Kokko, Victor Svec, and Robinson as his greatest sources of inspiration.

Davis said, “[They] are all patient and talented. I know when I first skied, I was kind of cocky, and I think they fixed that pretty quickly. They showed me that there’s a certain level of efficiency that you need in skiing, and sometimes it’s more important to slow down and focus on your form. How they treat the sport — the patience and kindness — really helps.”

According to Nikita Muromcew ’21 and Sam Lasater ’21, Davis’s ability to persevere and drive on inspires the team.

“He never complains. Never. About anything. Even when practice has been running when it’s raining outside and cold,” said Muromcew.

Lasater added, “In my first week of practice, we went on a pretty long run. We had already added a little extra bit — it was the longest run I expected for Nordic. Yet, [Davis] added on extra distance after we were all done… He’s devoted.”

Davis particularly enjoys helping out with teaching and guiding athletes new to the sport.

“I love helping the new skiers on the team [with getting started], figuring out the waxing, helping them with the technique at first. I’d say that’s my favorite part [of Nordic],” continued Davis.

According to Coach Robinson, Davis constantly looks to find time outside of practice to train and improve.

Coach Robinson said, “On a weekend when we don’t have practice… if he’s around, he’ll just tell everyone, ‘Guys, I’m going for a run on Friday,’ or, ‘I’m going to come out and ski on Saturday at two o’clock; come meet me…’ He just makes a lot a lot of opportunities for people to come out and join with him.”
Davis has high hopes for the rest of Andover’s season due to the new talent on the team.

“Some of the new kids on the team are improving super quickly, and it’s really awesome to watch that. I’d really like to see us place in our league, the Lakes Region League. That’s my main goal,” he said.

Davis will lead Andover at the Lakes Region League Championships at an away meet on Wednesday, February 14.