Player Profiles

Michelle Brunetti ’23 “Never Gets Rattled”

Athlete of the Week: Izzy Torio ’21 Wants to Continue Running for Rest of Her Life

Athlete of the Week: Adam Peters ’19 Began Playing on the Beach

Jackie Rossi ’20 Brings Years of Competitive Swimming Experience to Girls Water Polo

Puru Sankar ’20 Is a Model of Athleticism for the Ultimate Frisbee Team

Myra Bhathena ’22 Shatters School Record

Kareem Hill ’19 Continues to Set Personal Records in Second Year of Indoor Track

Marcus Lee ’21 Holds Onto “The Grit Factor”

Graeleigh Jones ’21 Brings Versatility to the Pool

Ellerman Mateo ’21 Exemplifies Heart as First-Time Wrestler

Captain Feature: Carter Giampietro ’19 “Demands The Best From His Teammates”

Athlete of the Week: William Hughes ’22 Brings Fresh Talent to the Ice

Katie Wimmer ’21 is Fierce in Net

Athlete of the Week Matt Sapienza ’21 Possesses a ‘Contagious’ Passion for the Game

Emily Hardy ’20 Wins Breakaways With Fearless Outlook

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