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David Wang ’20 Translates Eight Years Of Experience Onto Andover Soccer Fields

David Wang ‘20 cites David Beckham as a major inspiration.

Equipped with over eight years of experience, David Wang ’20, a new Upper from Chapel Hill, N.C., has brought newfound strength to Andover Boys Soccer’s midfield this season. In addition to his natural athletic ability, Wang has integrated well into the team with his likeable personality, affable nature, and relentless work ethic, according to Alan Fang ’21 and Neel Desai ’19.

Fang said, “David Wang is a great player and always tries to improve those around him. He gives his best at every practice and is always trying to get better. His attitude and character both on and off the field is something that the team should cherish.”

“[Wang is] always trying hard in games and it really inspires the team. He’s pretty funny, which keeps team morale up, and it has been a lot of fun to play with him this year,” added Desai.

Due to his athleticism and character both on and off the field, Wang has been recognized as The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week.

What brought you to love the sport of soccer?

“I started to love the sport of soccer when I first started playing with my family in the backyard. I remember my parents would set up cones on the lawn, and they would play with my brothers and me for hours on end.”

Are there any people that made you love soccer?

“I had a bunch of soccer role models when I was growing up, but my favorite player to watch was probably David Beckham, not only because we have the same name. I idolized him because of the way he would dribble and pass and also shoot during dead ball situations. I wanted to ‘Bend it like Beckham.’ ”

How did you hear about Andover Soccer?

“I heard about Andover Soccer when I was applying to the school. Andover Soccer is a terrific program with great coaches and competitive players. I really enjoy the atmosphere everyday during practice with the boys. I have a lot of fun.”

What is your role on the team?

“I am the starting holding midfielder for the soccer team. My job on defense is to prevent the opposition’s forwards from getting the ball and providing a defensive anchor — winning headers and intercepting passes. My job on offense is to receive the ball from the back and distribute it to the forwards. I’m the link that connects the defense to offense and the other midfielders.”

What are your thoughts on the current team?

“Even though our record might not tell it, I believe our team is very strong. We have lots of potential as a team. We just need to practice more and build up more chemistry. I really believe the games against Loomis [Chaffee] and Northwood would have turned out differently if we played to the best of our abilities. Our game against Milton was no fluke.”

What motivates you to work hard during practices and games?

“What motivates me to work harder during the practices and games is the idea of getting better.”

What are some of your personal goals for this season?

“My personal goal this season is to have at least five goals this season — it’s pretty difficult to score as the holding mid.”

What are you excited about this season?

“I am excited about playing games this season and also the playoffs. I really believe in our team and think we can go far into the playoffs and win the whole thing.”