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Athlete of the Week: Kiley Buckley ’23 Has Unwavering Focus on Court

In addition to basketball Kiley Buckley ’23 plays soccer and softball.

Having played basketball since she was in kindergarten, Kiley Buckley ’23 is one of five Juniors to join Andover Girls Basketball this season. According to teammates Summer Seward ’21 and Katherine Marquis ’21, Buckley has proven essential to the team’s winning efforts.

Seward said, “Kiley is a hard worker on offense and on defense. She takes care of the ball and is our key hustle player. She dominates the boards and is a nonstop rebounder. She always has a smile on her face when she’s playing, and never fails to give it her all. Kiley is a problem solver on the court, If we need something done, she’s our go-to. She has brought us back from 10 or more point deficits in three games so far with her triple-doubles and perfectly executed post moves. Kiley is a rockstar [Junior] with insane potential, and she’s proving it more and more each game.”

Marquis added, “Kiley is a great addition to the team because she is a great teammate, has a positive attitude, and is really strong under the basket. Whether it’s getting hyped up or blocking the other team’s shots, Kiley is an important member of the team.”

Buckley’s tenacity and hard work has earned her the title of The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week.

What is your greatest strength as a player?

My greatest strength is remaining focused during the whole game and being calm.

What has been your favorite memory so far this season?

This season has been extremely fun and I have made so many great memories. But if I had to choose one, I would say the game against [Governor’s]—[that] game had my adrenaline through the roof and it was great to win at home.

How do you try to contribute to the team dynamic?

With being new to the team this year, I try to always be supportive of the other players and be a good team player and always cheer people on.

Who have you looked up to throughout your playing career?

Mainly my parents have been really big supporters, but I have always enjoyed watching older people play in college.

What mentors do you have on the team this year?

All of the upperclassmen are really helpful, especially the captains, [Hannah McGrath ’20 and Claire Brady ’20], and my buddy, Summer.

What are you most excited about for the rest of the season?

I’m really excited about everything, and just improving as a team. Especially the game against Phillips Exeter Academy, I think, will be really fun.

What do you love most about the Andover team?

I love everything about the Andover team. I love all the fun we have together and the friendships I have made.

What is your favorite emoji?

My favorite emoji is the basketball emoji, of course!