Player Profiles

Player to Watch: Sveva Rosati ’19

Player to Watch: Anthony Minickiello ’20

Player to Watch: Jackson Emus ’19

Player to Watch: Jacquelyn Harrington ’20

Player to Watch: Yeetang Kwok ’20

Player to Watch: Isaac Blackburn-Johnson ’18

Player to Watch: Melanie Cheung ’20

Player to Watch: Michael McCollum ’18

Marisol Nugent ’20 Becomes Three Time All American Wrestler After Third Place Finish at Nationals

Athlete of the Week: Claire Brady ’20 Contributes Key Points to Andover Girls Basketball

Athlete of the Week: Distance Runner Basil Alfaro ’18 Sets Precedent With Determined Attitude

Athlete of the Week: Sofia Slovenski ’18 Undefeated in Pole Vault This Season

Athlete of The Week: Lilly Feeney ’20: “I’ve dedicated my whole life to hockey.”

Athlete of the Week: Reese Pelletier ’20 Translates Gymnastics Experience to Andover Diving

Athlete of the Week: Posie Millett ’20 Values Kindness and Being a Supportive Teammate

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