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AOTW: Tyler Levine ’16

Netting three goals and contributing two assists in Andover Boys Hockey’s recent victories against Pingree and Choate, Tyler Levine ’16 has proven himself to be a dynamic offensive threat on the ice. A two-year Senior from Laguna Beach, CA., Levine dismantles opposing defenses with his blazing speed and deep knowledge of the game. His impressive performances have earned him the title of The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week.

What is your main focus when you’re on the ice?
My main focus when I’m on the ice is first to ensure that I take care of my defensive responsibilities, and second, to create offensive opportunities during every single shift. Whether it’s by shooting, passing or skating, I make sure that I am there for my teammates.

How have you emerged as a leader this season?
Other than seniority, I’ve tried to lead by example through offensive production and defensive play. The younger guys are eager to listen and learn from the older players, all of whom have been extremely important in holding our team together.

How have your teammates and coaches affected your play?
I definitely attribute my success to my teammates and to my coaches. They have all inspired and sparked my passion for playing hockey at Andover. My teammates have especially affected my play, as they have been there to support me and have pushed me to work hard so I that can gain offensive opportunities on the ice.

How long have you been playing hockey, and how did you first develop your love for the game?
I have been playing hockey since I was two years old. I started playing hockey at a place called Aliso Viejo Ice Palace around 30 minutes from my house. It was the closest rink and the easiest for my parents to drive me to. Being the only boy in a family of six other sisters, which eventually became eight, my father wanted me to be very active in sports. I tried a lot of different sports, but once I skated for the first time, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

What drew you to the sport?
What drew me to the game was the speed. The speed and the feeling of going faster, smoother and quicker up the ice than anyone else around me has always been my favorite feeling in hockey.

What do you think about before a game to get yourself pumped up?
I get going by putting on headphones and visualizing the game I am about to play. I try to run through the most frequent situations I will find myself in and then move on to more fantastical ones. This usually gets my heart rate going. Then, I imagine myself doing something spectacular and after that, following some words with my teammates, I’m ready.

What do you hope to help the team accomplish this season?
At this point, I hope to help the team achieve a playoff berth and have success as a post-season team.

What is the best part about playing hockey at Andover?
Hands down the best part of playing Andover Hockey is the bond that I share with each of my teammates. Each of them has become like a brother to me. Whether they are new to the team, or those who have been through it all with me, they’ve all become people who I can trust and feel supported by. That’s the best part of Andover Hockey.