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Player Profile: Haroldo Nesbeth ’17

Post-Graduate Haroldo Nesbeth ’17 is one of Andover Wrestling’s top wrestlers even though he has only been wrestling for about two and a half years. Hailing from Los Angeles, Calif., Nesbeth started wrestling in the second half of his sophomore year. Although he struggled to keep up with the speed and agility of the other wrestlers at first, Nesbeth quickly improved and started to love the sport.

Nesbeth began wrestling against junior varsity athletes at Santa Monica High School as he developed his technique. He realized his love for the sport after a particular match that he ultimately lost.

Nesbeth said, “It was one single match that mostly changed it for me. I had wrestled my hardest and still ended up losing the match, but when I got up I did not feel like I lost something. I felt like I had gained something instead.”

Weighing in at 138 pounds, Nesbeth says he enjoys competing for Andover.

Nesbeth said, “I am really excited to be on the team. When we wrestle, especially when we wrestled last weekend, we wrestled our hardest. We are not the best athletes, but when we go out there and wrestle like we did last weekend, these kids really pour their hearts out.”

Nesbeth has stepped into a leadership role on the team this year, serving as a role model and friend to many younger members.

Pablo Sanchez ’19 said, “Haroldo is an amazing teammate and teacher. He’s always helping me with technique and helped me a lot over winter break. During the break we spend a lot of time together wrestling, and I grew so much as a wrestler thanks to him.”

In addition to his individual wrestling skill on the mat, Nesbeth pushes his teammates to improve, as well as to create tight bonds with each other.

Eamon Garrity-Roukus ’20 said, “Haroldo not only has been an exceptional wrestling partner, but a hardworking teammate and friend who has helped me through tough experiences on and off the mat. Not only that, he has helped me improve my wrestling skills and technique exponentially over the course of the season. Although I will also say that he is one of the toughest wrestling partners, teammates, and friends to keep up with, he has helped me improve so much not only as a wrestler but as a person as well.”

Co-Captain Pierce Bausano ’18 said, “Haroldo is a great addition to the team. Wrestling ability aside, Haroldo contributed a lot of enthusiasm and just love for the sport. He is committed to the team and is always ready to joke around or talk wrestling. Haroldo brings a lot of personality to the squad and definitely lights up meets and practices.”

Nesbeth’s hard work has led him to an undefeated personal season so far, and he hopes to continue being a major contributer in the remainder of Andover’s season.

Head Coach Richard Gorham ’86 wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “Haroldo has been an excellent addition to the team this season. He is technically sound, hard working, and very competitive. He has helped make his teammates better. We have high expectations for him heading into the tournament season.”