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Ten Juniors Make an Impact on Andover’s Fall Varsity Teams

Captain Nick Faulkner ’16 said, “[Sedegat] and [Osband] have both had previous experience playing water polo, so they have actually contributed a lot to the team this year. [Hudgins] is a big, talented swimmer who has good hands and is smart and is very talented now. Especially considering his relative inexperience, he has the potential to be very good.”

Hudgins said, “The upperclassmen are all really positive towards [us]. They realize that we’re a part of the team as well. I hope to achieve respect from all the other players, and to improve my game as a whole.”

Andover Boys Soccer also welcomed two Juniors, Owen Glover ’19 and Rolando Rabines ’19. Both players have brought their focus and technicality to the team.

Head Coach William Orben said, “[Glover] and [Rabines] are highly technical players that have had a lot of success as soccer players and they add great energy and skill to our team.”

Glover said, “As a Junior, I try my hardest to learn from every member of the team with every opportunity that I get, especially from the Captains. Being a younger member of the team means that every practice I want to get better so that I can come back next year as a stronger and more experienced member of the team. This year, I want our team to become better and play our best throughout the entire season.”

Andover Field Hockey enjoyed the addition of four new Juniors to its roster: Emily Batchelor ’19, Brooke Keough ’19, Jacqueline McCarthy ’19 and Meghan Ward ’19. These Juniors have acted as key players during practices and games.
The team has established a ‘buddy system’ to aid new students in their adjustment, which has benefitted the team’s chemistry and allowed the Juniors’ transitions to be seamless.

Batchelor said, “The field hockey team has done an excellent job welcoming me as a [Junior]. Everyone is so nice, and what I think really helped me feel like a part of this team, as well as the girls in general, was the buddy system. My buddies are [Captain Kelly McCarthy ’15] and Casey [Yarbourough ’17].”

Ward added, “The upperclassmen have been super welcoming. Being in a triad with Jacqueline [Diffley ’16] and Beth [Krikorian ’17] has allowed me to become close friends with them both on and off the field.”

“This season, my main goal is just to adjust to the level of play. It’s much faster and much more intense than my previous years of playing field hockey. But, I know that I can get better. All it takes is that one extra step, every game, practice, minute,” said J. McCarthy.

Juniors continue to make an impact at Andover in a myriad of sports.

Coach Orben said, “[Juniors] are very important members of our team, and their role is the same as all of the players – to work hard, learn and to make our team better.”