Field Hockey Player Profiles

Athlete of the Week: Emily Batchelor ’19

Entering her second year on Andover Field Hockey, Emily Batchelor ’19 shines as a starting midfielder for the team. Hailing from Sherborn, Mass., Batchelor is an enthusiastic and strong member of the team because of her experience and agility. Describing Batchelor as an impressive athlete, Captain Beth Krikorian ’16 said, “[She is a player] who definitely uses her speed to the best of her ability. She has definitely, since last year, developed her skill more to go with her speed. Batchelor is also quick to defeat defenders and then send the ball.” Due to Batchelor’s impressive performance on Saturday against Tabor, in which she scored the game-winning point in overtime, she is The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week.


What position do you play? Normally left or right midfield, sometimes forward. During the Tabor game, I mostly played forward.

What do you focus on when you train? Mostly stick skills and working on 3-D skills like pops and lifts to get over sticks. Also in practice, we really focus on moving the ball across the field rather than down the middle. So, we work on going to the sidelines, carrying up the sidelines, and big hits down the sidelines.

How did you start field hockey and what do you enjoy about the sport? I started field hockey in third grade at Dexter Southfield because you had to [play a sport]. I was not bad at it, so I kept playing and I really started to like it. I played at Dana Hall for seventh and eighth grade and then I came here. I like how it’s a stick-and-a-ball game. I also play hockey, and I like how it’s also a stick and puck game. I also love going to practices. Not just for field hockey, but to be with the team is amazing. The team is very tight-knit and everyone is so nice and encouraging. I look forward to going to practice everyday, so it motivates me to keep going.

How would you describe the energy of the team, and the team itself? Everyone’s really positive. If you mess up or something, everyone is really encouraging and it really wills you to do better. Same goes for you encouraging other people.

You scored the game-winning point against Tabor. How did you prepare for that game? We hadn’t had practice since Thursday, since we had a game Friday as well. We really focused on spreading the field. Getting in the zone before a game is really important to the team. We walk out onto the field in a kind of silence and everyone is in game mode. During warm-ups, we treat it like it’s the game. Same goes for practice; we play it like it’s the game.

How have you played a role in the team’s success? Communicating is very important. Where I’m going to be, what’s open, or helping other people see the field if their not aware of all the plays.

How much have you improved under Head Coach Kate Dolan? I’d say a lot because before I came to Andover, I didn’t really have knowledge of the game. I just ran with the ball and hoped for the best, but here we are really focused on skills and game plays. It’s really play-oriented. Everything is more strategic.