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Player Profile: Fredericka Lucas ’18

Placing first in the 50-Yard Dash three times and placing first in the High Jump in four out of five meets this season, Fredricka Lucas ’18 leads Andover Girls Indoor Track & Field with her speed, hard work, and positivity.

Head Coach Rebecca Hession affirms that Lucas’ focused mindset is what places her ahead of her opponents and peers.

Hession said, “I think she is a great example of leading by doing. She absolutely puts her focus and attention in practice in a way that I think is a great example to her peers and her teammates. We can count on her, as you can see from the list of all of the events she has competed in, to compete in multiple events, which is a real challenge.”

Hession also noted that Lucas’s dedication to the sport gives her an advantage, as it allows her to outlet her potential into a variety of track and field events.

Hession said, “It takes a lot of focus for an athlete to be able to switch from high jump, to then the relay, to the dash, so she not only competes in multiple events, but as a member of one of the relay teams, I think that brings her effort and achievement to a whole other level in track and field that I think she accomplishes really, really well.”

Teammate Jo Caico ’19 also commended Lucas’s work ethic, stating that she not only demonstrates a sense of dedication, but also motivates her peers to work harder and succeed more as an athlete.

Caico wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “It is obvious how much work she puts in every day at practice to achieve these times. Fred doesn’t slack a bit during practice. She pushes me to continue to go my fastest. I find myself constantly trying to keep up with her like playful competition. She keeps me on my toes, and leads a great example of what your work ethic is supposed to look like.”

Captain Sidney Holder ’17 also highlighted Lucas’s personality and contributions to the team off the track.

Holder said, “Fred is an amazing athlete and an even better person. She is always willing to put in extra work during and after practice, no matter how hard that day’s workout was. That dedication in practice each day translates to her meet results.”

According to Lucas, she hopes to continue to run and jump once she leaves Andover. Lucas’ dedication and passion for the sport have earned her the title of The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week.

What is your running background?

I started doing outdoor track in seventh grade because I wanted to get involved in sports and I wasn’t doing any at the time. Then, I ended up actually liking track, so when I got to [Andover] my freshman year, I started doing both indoor and outdoor track.

What specific events do you compete in?

For indoor track, I run the 50, the 300, sometimes the 4×4, and I high jump.

What is it like being on the indoor track team at Andover?

I think that we are all passionate about track, and passionate about being on the team with each other, and we have a lot of traditions and a real sense of comradery that I think is unique to track. I think every meet and every practice is exciting — there is never a boring moment with the track team.

How do you feel you influence the team?

I just try to be excited and positive and encourage everybody on. I try to make sure that everybody knows that they’re contributing to the team and that we can’t be successful without everyone helping.

What do you think your greatest accomplishment is as a runner?

I think probably last year’s record-breaking relay, because in the first meet of last year I dropped the baton, and to come from dropping the baton to breaking the record was really exciting.