Player Profiles

Athlete of the Week: Sam Capobianco ’21 Brings Skill and Potential to Boys Cross Country

Athlete of the Week: Theo Fagueres ’21 Brings Versatility to the Pool and Boys Water Polo

David Wang ’20 Translates Eight Years Of Experience Onto Andover Soccer Fields

Player To Watch: Girls Volleyball Outside Hitter Brooklyn Wirt ’21 Hits It Hard

Athlete of the Week: Shortstop Rachel Moore ’19 Brings Batting Power to the Diamond

Athlete of the Week: Anthony Redfern ’18 Highlights the Importance of Teammates

Athlete of the Week: Allyson Ty ’18 Uses Agility to Bolster Both Ends of the Water

Athlete of the Week: Peter Munn ’18 Transitions Casual Peruvian Volleyball onto Andover Courts

Player to Watch: Aidan Burt ’21

Player to Watch: Reimi Kusaka ’21

Player to Watch: Adin McAuliffe ’20

Player to Watch: Olivia Brokaw ’18

Player to Watch: Kion Young ’20

Player to Watch: Kennedy Everson ’21

Player to Watch: Andrew Antonucci ’18

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