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Athlete of the Week: Claire Brady ’20 Contributes Key Points to Andover Girls Basketball

Equipped with seven years of basketball experience, twoyear Lower Claire Brady ’20 has proven to be a key contributor for Andover Girls Basketball this season. Hailing from Portland, Maine, Brady is an offensive player who scores many of the team’s points during games.

According to Co-Captain Molly Katarincic ’18, Brady’s success on the court derives from her consistent work ethic and devotion to the sport.

Katarincic said, “What is so inspiring about Claire is how she works incredibly hard without needing recognition. In games, she always goes the extra mile to get rebounds or hustle for a loose ball, and those things pay off for us in huge ways. Her persistence during games often benefits in huge scores that control the momentum of the game. She is willing to go the extra mile when everyone else is tired, which is really empowering as a teammate.”

Brady’s skill and grit have granted her the accolade of The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week.

How did you start playing basketball?

I started playing in fourth grade because I had this really fun gym teacher who started basketball clinics after school, so I got into the sport at that point. When I transferred schools, I started playing on an Amateur Athletic Union [AAU] team, which [competes] during the Spring and Fall seasons. So I played every winter and most springs and falls every year until coming here.

What position do you play, and what is the role of your position?

Right now I play power post or shooting guard, but [I am generally just an offensive player]. We don’t really have set positions on offense, which is really nice. In the past, depending on what team I’m playing on, I’ve played shooting guard, center, or post because of my height.

Since coming to Andover, how has your view of the sport changed?

I have definitely been able to play with a lot of really different people who I love and enjoy playing with since coming to Andover. Being able to play other boarding schools creates a more competitive environment. The competition here is definitely better than it was at home.

What has the sport of basketball taught you? Basketball has taught me that no matter what is going wrong, or what might be frustrating, I can focus on doing what few little things [I can] right. Basketball also has clearly shown me that putting in effort will always make a difference, which has also applied to other parts of my life. It has also helped me to understand the importance and value of discipline and motivation.

How would you describe the team environment?

It has been really fun the past two years, and I think that it is so fun to be able to travel with other people to play other schools, because back home it felt a bit more separate. Being here together, getting meals together after practice, and chatting before practice all create a really fun and supportive team environment.