Girls Crew Player Profiles

Player to Watch: Olivia Brokaw ’18

With her strong improvement during winter training and the preseason week in Sebastian, Fla., Olivia Brokaw ’18 has distinguished herself as a key rower in a talented group of Seniors. Brokaw set a personal best and established a work ethic during winter training, making her a player to watch this season, according to Coach Ellen Minzner.

Brokaw joined Andover Crew during her Junior year simply because she didn’t have a spring sport, and her parents thought that she would enjoy it. Since her start on the fourth boat, Brokaw began rowing on the first boat by her Lower year.

Brokaw said, “Since [I started], I have developed a love for both the sport and the team at Andover. Rowing is definitely tough, but it is also incredibly rewarding.”

Brokaw looks to become stronger and more technically sound this season. According to Brokaw, her teammates serve as one of her biggest sources of inspiration.

“I so clearly remember idolizing the Uppers and Seniors on the team when I was an underclassman. Now, I still draw inspiration from my teammates, especially the girls in my boat. The other day during a tough workout, Coach Hurley said to us, ‘When it gets really hard, look at the person next to you. They’re going through the same thing you’re going through. Don’t do it for yourself — do it for them.’ This is something I try my best to keep in mind,” said Brokaw.

According to Co-Captain Sofie Brown ’18, both Brokaw’s drive and kindness towards her teammates make her a special rower on the team.

Brown said, “She is one of the hardest-working people I’ve ever met. She consistently pushes herself to be a better rower and is always positive at practice. After every piece, she turns around to talk to the rest of the rowers in the boat to ask how it felt, what we think needs to be improved, and what were strengths we need to hold on to. She makes all the boats she’s in work better together and go faster.”

In addition to her physical contributions, Brokaw has taken up a leadership role despite not officially being a captain.

Co-Captain Lila Brady ’18 said, “[Brokaw] sets an incredible example that I truly think everyone on the program should aspire to follow… She is incredibly welcoming, sweet, and optimistic. She jokes around with everyone on the team and goes out of her way to chat with younger teammates instead of sticking with her friends the whole time.

Brady continued, “Everything Olivia does is for the benefit and greater good of the team. I can’t think of anyone more selfless and devoted to Andover Crew.”