Boys Lacrosse Player Profiles

Player to Watch: Andrew Antonucci ’18

Andrew Antonucci ’18 shows promise for a successful final season as a member of Andover Boys Lacrosse. In addition to his speed and dexterity as a midfielder, Antonucci also poses a strong scoring threat in the attacking end.

“Nooch has always been one of the team’s best players. His speed and elusiveness helps him dominate on offense and allows him to get open and score often,” said Jed Heald ’20.

Playing for both Andover Football and Boys Lacrosse since enrolling as a new Lower, Antonucci is a multifaceted athlete whose athleticism makes him a crucial part of both Andover’s offense and defense, according to Mark Witt ’20.

“Nooch helps with both the offensive and defensive side of the field. He’s a really good scorer, and he’s also a really athletic guy so he can play some really strong defense,” said Witt.

Antonucci, who missed last year’s season due to injury, will return this season as one of the team’s most potent players in the midfield, according to Heald.

“Unfortunately, Nooch was out for last season with a back injury, but we’re looking forward to having him back this year to add to our strong core of middies,” said Heald.

Having picked up lacrosse in the second grade, Antonucci possesses knowledge of the sport that furthers his ability on the field, according to Witt.

“[Antonucci] has the strength and the speed that makes him a good player, but he also has the lacrosse I.Q., and that’s what makes him a great player,” said Witt.

Antonucci added, “I like that [lacrosse] has the technique and the tricks of hockey, but then you also have the physicality of both football and hockey. And even though it’s an athletic sport, you also have to have good sports I.Q. for the game.”

In addition to being a key player on the field, Antonucci leads his teammates by emphasizing the importance of teamwork.

“A team doesn’t necessarily need individual talent to do well. If [the team is] working hard and working together, you can really make any talent into a great team and compete against anyone. It’s about heart, not necessarily height,” said Antonucci.