Girls Squash Player Profiles

Athlete of the Week: Chelsea Cho ’21 Stresses Importance of Mental Strength

Winning both of her matches against Choate and Milton, Chelsea Cho ’21 has already demonstrated herself a strong member of Andover Girls Squash. Lindsay Westerfield ’21 wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “She is an amazing player with a great work ethic. She plays for hours every day and is always working to improve her game. She truly loves playing squash, and it shows when she is on the court.” Cho’s passion for squash and consistent match performance have earned her the title of Athlete of the Week.

Why did you start playing squash?

I started playing about four years ago. I got into it because my dad and my sister played squash, so I grew up watching them play.

What is a favorite memory from your time playing squash?

It was at a tournament at Harvard, and it was my first match against this girl. I was injured, so I couldn’t really play well because I wasn’t really in my best position. The girl was a challenging opponent, but I ended up pushing through and winning in five really close games.

How did your last match go?

Our last match was against Choate and Milton. We won both of them. My last match against Choate I won in four games, and it was a close and challenging match, and I ended up winning.

How has your transition to Andover been?

My transition has been smooth. Squash has definitely been really fun. I have never really played squash on a team before, so it is a new experience, but I really like it. Everyone on my team is so nice. Our captain, Caroline Yun [’18], is especially supportive, and she organizes preseason practices, so I knew all my teammates before going into the season, which I think really helped.

What advice would you give for a squash match?

It’s really important to stay strong mentally throughout the game. Even if you are [strong] physically, many players fall apart in the middle of a match when they start losing or the opponent starts catching up.

What do you like to do besides playing squash?

I like to read in my free time and hang out with friends.