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Captain Feature: Carter Giampietro ’19 “Demands The Best From His Teammates”

Giampietro’s teammates admire his quiet confidence and dedication to the team.

Co-Captain Carter Giampietro ’19 began playing ice hockey when his father put him in skates almost as soon as he could walk. At six years old, Giampietro moved from Colorado to Canada, where he joined a competitive club team as a defender.

For Giampietro, hockey provides not only a competitive outlet, but it also serves as a great source of joy, as he enjoys his time with his supportive and close-knit team at Andover.

“I love the team feel in hockey. As an only child, it’s nice to all of a sudden have a really big family of people you know who would do anything to protect you and you would do anything to protect them. My favorite thing about the team is how we can all go up to the rink and work hard and then after we can all come back down and be friends and sort of just hang out and know that whether we’re doing homework or anything else, that we’re just going to have fun when we’re together,” said Giampietro.

Giampietro looks to his previous Andover captains for guidance in how to lead his teammates to success.

Giampietro said, “I came in as a new Lower and Jack Cusack [’18] was my Captain for both years. He definitely led the way and showed me what it takes to be a captain and how to be a good captain. As captain I hope to lead by example; I hope to make sure that everyone on the team knows I have their back, and no matter what, I’m behind them and there for them.”

On the ice, Giampietro is a confident leader who inspires hard work and focus in his teammates, according to Matt Veneri ’21 and Head Coach Paul Tortorella ’80.

Veneri said, “Carter always makes sure we understand the importance of all the games we play and helps us stay focused so we can put all of our best efforts on the game or practice.”

In an email to The Phillipian, Tortorella wrote, “Carter brings a quiet confidence as a leader. He has been one of our most accountable players over the last few years, a no-nonsense kind of person who demands the best from his teammates. Yet he is also one of the friendliest, so he has that special balance where he can sort of put you in your place and make you work harder with just one look or stare, and then after have a few laughs at dinner.”

Giampietro’s influence is not limited to the ice, however. According to Tortorella and Veneri Giampietro’s versatile presence on campus demonstrates his natural leadership capabilities and makes him an all-around role model for his teammates.

Tortorella wrote, “He’s a great example of how, with organization and discipline, you can be involved in many facets of the school. Besides being co-captain with [Co-Captain Christian Powers ’19], Carter has found found time to train and become a dorm Proctor, sits on the board of two clubs: Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos and The Entrepreneurial Society, is an Admissions Ambassador, and a Blue Key member. He is what might be called ‘a natural leader.’”

Veneri said, “He’s an intelligent young man, and a solid hockey player. Beyond this, he is one of the most genuine people I have met with on this campus, and one of the most well-rounded people I know. He’s wise, athletic, and well-spoken. It’s very easy for all of us to respect and trust him as one of our captains.”

According to Powers and Veneri, Giampietro’s clear dedication to the team and his warm persona make him both an admirable and trustworthy captain.

“[Carter is] completely team-first and always willing to do whatever it takes to help our team win. He’s a really selfless person who wants the best for everyone on the team. He’s the same way off the ice, and a very easy person to get along with,” wrote Powers in an email to The Phillipian.

Veneri added, “Carter has been with the program for three years, so he knows how to operate within the program. He speaks very well and always with good intent, making him a trusting person to listen to. He also reaches all of us personally, so we all feel comfortable talking about anything that is bothering us, hockey aside, which I think is the best thing a captain can do for their team.”

After starting the season with victories against Albany Academy and Tabor, Giampietro says he hopes the team will maintain the same energy and focus for a successful season.

Giampietro said, “I’m definitely excited how we came together, especially this weekend, how we won both our first two games. I hope that we can continue to win, especially to not get too excited on ourselves, but to stay focused to have a good season.”