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Athlete of the Week: William Hughes ’22 Brings Fresh Talent to the Ice

G.Flanagan/The Phillipian

Hughes always makes sure to eat eggs and sausage for breakfast before his games.

A new addition to the team, William Hughes, a Junior from Andover, Mass., brings 11 years of experience and skill to the Andover Boys Hockey team.

Head Coach Paul Tortorella ’80 wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “William is a very smart hockey player with an excellent skill set. He works hard in practice to prepare for the games, plays responsibly all over the ice, and he’s a great teammate.”

Hughes’ smart plays, skillful moves, and team spirit have earned him the title of The Phillipians Athlete of the Week.

Why did you first start playing hockey?

Growing up, my family never really played hockey. My brother tried it and I went to some of his games, and I just wanted to play.

How long have you played hockey?

I’ve played for 11 years now. I started when I was three.

What position do you play on the team?

Right now, I play right wing.

What’s your favorite memory from hockey?

My favorite memory is probably going to Nationals last year with my U14 team.

What’s your favorite part of hockey?

My favorite part about hockey is the excitement and energy in every game.

What aspect of it has caused you to continue playing?

I have continued to play hockey because there is always a way to become a better player and you can keep learning new things.

What has the season been like so far, being a new member?

It’s been a fun experience so far. Getting to know the team has been fun. We usually have team dinner, which is always a good time. Overall, it’s been pretty good.

How were your first two games?

The first two games went well; we won both. In the beginning, it was a little nerve wracking [to play], but I got adjusted to the pace so it’s been fine. I’m ready for the next one.

What are you looking forward to the most for the rest of the season?

I’m looking forward to playing a home game; it should be fun.

What do you hope to improve on this season?

I hope to become a better playmaker, pass the puck well, and put up a lot of points.

What are your goals for the season?

A goal I have for the season is to make playoffs and hopefully win.

Before Andover, did you play hockey in any club teams?

I previously played for the Boston Junior Eagles last year; before then, I played for the Islanders.

How was the experience of playing on these club teams?

Playing on a club team is fun, but I’d say it’s more fun playing for a school because of school pride.

Do you have any pre or post-game rituals?

A pregame ritual I have is to eat eggs and sausage for breakfast on game days.

Do you have a favorite National Hockey League (N.H.L.) team?

My favorite N.H.L. team are the Bruins. Growing up around Boston, I always watched and rooted for them.