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Myra Bhathena ’22 Shatters School Record

Completing the Girls 55-Meter Hurdles in 9.00 seconds, Myra Bhathena ’22 broke the school record last week as a Junior. In addition to being a member of the Indoor Track & Field team, Bhathena was also a member of Andover Girls Soccer in the fall.

According to teammate Charlotte Whitehurst ’22, Bhathena’s dedication to the team and skill in Track makes her a critical member of the team.

Whitehurst said, “Myra brings a unique energy to the team. She shows up to practice early everyday and she is so happy and ready to go. Myra keeps all focused and she helps us manage our nerves before the races. She is on the record-setting 4×400-Meter team where she plays a critical role in their success. The team would not be the same without her.”

Because of her commitment and passion, Bhathena has been selected as The Phillipian’s Athlete of the Week.

What is your favorite animal?

My favorite animal is a monkey.

What do you so before a race?

Right before a race, I eat a gummy bear! My mom got me these sour gummy bears, so five minutes before a race I eat one gummy bear. Usually its red or green, because those are my favorite and it helps me get energy.

What’s your favorite thing to run in indoor track?

The 55-Meter hurdles and the 4×200-[Meter Relay]. I love how it is a team effort, because a lot of the time running for track during the meet is an individual effort. But relays are fun because you get to bond with your relay teammates. We are very close.

Which leg of the relay do you run?

I usually run anchor which means I really have to pull it all together and try and close down the gap or keep up the lead.

Who are your biggest supporters?

My friends and my parents! My parents try to come to all my meets. My mom brings me a lot of food and she wants me to stay energized throughout the meet which is very helpful. My dad sits up and will text me after the race telling me how it went. They are both so supportive.

Do you play any other sports?

Yes, I play soccer. For Andover I played Varsity Soccer and the season was super fun!

What’s your favorite part about track?

My favorite part is definitely the people there. It makes it all seem less scary and I really feel this when I’m running a 4×400-[Meter Relay]. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to pass out but then everyone starts cheering and it helps me continue.

How long have you been doing track?

For three years. I started with my middle school.

What got you into track?

I always liked running when i was younger. I used to race with my friends and so I thought I’d be pretty good at it.

What emotions and thoughts go through your head before a race?

Mainly before a race I am so bad with nerves because I get freaked out and all these thoughts start swarming my brain, but Coach [Lani] Silversides has been a huge help with that. She’s taught me that stress is just my body preparing me to do well. Shaking my hands back and forth helps me focus and it help sme forget about my butterflies.

Do you have any goals for the season and next season?

I want to try and beat my hurdle record. In outdoor track I want to run the 100-Meter hurdles. And I want to try the 300-Meter hurdles because I am good at the 55-Meter hurdles and the 400, so I think combining those two events would be fun.

What is your stir fry order?

I get hot chilli and soy. I also put onions and pepper in to add flavor and I ask Nestor to add the rice in. I never get pork stir fry! Beef is the best!