Nordic Sports Winter Sports

Senior Reflections

Aki Charland

Nordic has been really fun and something I look forward to each winter. The coaches are awesome and work really hard to help us train. The Captains, Neil Thorley [’19] and Eli Newell [’20], do a great job leading us through workouts and making sure we have a lot of fun while we’re at it.

Cecelia Egler

I joined the Nordic team last year having never cross country skied before, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made here. Learning how to ski is a clumsy process (or at least it was for me) but my teammates and coaches were all so helpful and supportive, and I immediately felt like a part of the team. Now It’s great to see how quickly new team members are able to pick up technique and start competing.

Campbell Munn

I think that with Nordic, a lot of our races are particularly far away, and we’ve been driving in the rally wagons for my two years on the team. To occupy those two, sometimes three hour drives, we play a lot of music. I think that the music on the Nordic team has become a very integral part of us bonding, because whoever gets the aux is not beholden to their own music taste, but rather take requests, and everyone can see what everyone else is listening to and get a sense of who they are beyond a teammate.

Will Zinterhofer

The best part of Nordic was being outside at a time of year where people at Andover have schedules where they go to class when it’s dark and come out of sports and it’s still dark. It’s an absolute treat to be able to ski every now and then when most people are cooped up inside, it puts me in a really good mood.

Hugo Solomon

Though many might not know a lot about the team (or acknowledge its existence), Nordic is truly a family. Even though this has been my first season skiing, people were more than willing to help me catch up and support me along the way, even when it would take me half an hour to make it up an especially difficult hill. The sport itself has been incredibly hard to learn, and even harder to race, but the people on the team have made it all worth the effort.

Co-Captain Neil Thorley ’19 met fellow Co-Captain Eli Newell ’20 at Nordic Ski camp in the summer of 2015.

Neil Thorley

I’ve made a lot of really great friends through Nordic, and I really love the close team dynamic we have. There are a whole range of experience levels on the team: some skiers have been doing it for years, others have never skied before coming here, but we’re all there to get better and have a good time.