Boys Hockey Captain Feature

Two-Year Captain Jack Cusack ’18 Rebuilds Andover Hockey

Jack Cusack ’18 has been playing hockey competitively for more than ten years, and was elected as Assistant Captain of the Boys Varsity Hockey team his Upper year. Cusack now serves as a Co-Captain of Andover Boys Hockey for the second year in a row, along with Bryce Murphy ’18 and Assistant Captain Quinn Doyle ’18.

In an email to The Phillipian, Head Coach Paul Tortorella ’80 wrote, “Jack was named captain after the season his Lower year. I think that says a lot about the trust and faith the coaches and other players have in him. He is a responsible, tough, quick, and crafty player.”

Cusack said, “I started playing hockey as soon as I could walk. My dad influenced me and coached me along the way my whole career in hockey so that’s kind of where I started.”

After a successful youth hockey career, Cusack brought his talent to Andover.

Cusack said, “Hockey brought me to Andover [when] I was recruited by our old coach, Coach Boylan. It really just gave me a great opportunity to get a great education as well as be able to play hockey.”

According to Christian Powers ’19, Cusack has been a very influential player ever since he became a part of the team.

Christian Powers ’19 said, “[Cusack] is a great captain. He is very unselfish and does whatever he can do to help the team win every shift. He makes sure we are always focused and are ready to go, both mentally and physically, to perform at our best every game.”

Cusack makes sure to mentor and set a good example for the younger players on the team in order to help them improve, according to Joe Moffitt ’20.

Moffitt said, “From the time I came to [Andover] my [Junior] year and the start of my Lower year, Jack has been a great captain. He’s an amazing mentor; he communicates to other teammates on the bench after a shift in regard to what they should have done or he humbly claims responsibility for a bad pass or play. He’s the hardest working player out there. He’s probably our best player we have on the forecheck because he never stops moving his legs and never gives the opposing team an easy breakout. He’s always happy off the ice, and he’s friendly to everyone on the team.”

Sawyer Moody ’19 added, “[Cusack] has done so much to help our team so far. He does the little things such as pack the bus all the way to the huge things for the team like scoring big goals in clutch times. Jack will help the team this year with his hard work ethic and his funny personality.”

In his first couple of years with the team, Cusack was essential to the rebuilding process for the team, according to Coach Tortorella.

“We’ve been on a little bit of a rebuild the last couple of years, but last year was a good start, making it to the large school playoffs, and we’re just hoping to go all the way to the Elite 8 this year and get some hardware,” said Cusack.

Coach Tortorella said, “He’s a major reason for the resurgence of Andover Hockey and as a coach I couldn’t be more honored than to be working closely with [him] these two years. He leads leaders.”

According to Moody, Cusack is an experienced leader on and off the ice due to his vast experience.

Moody said, “Jack is a really good leader because he always provides a positive energy on and off the ice. He is an extremely friendly guy and that helps build a great team atmosphere. He has been our captain for two years, so he is best fit to lead us because he knows everyone so well and is always eager to learn more about all of us.”

This season, Cusack has already led the team to win three out of four games, and he has already determined a goal for the season.

“We’re hoping to make it to the Elite 8, which are the top eight teams in the 68-team league, and we’re going to try and win the championship,” said Cusack.