Boys Water Polo Captain Feature

Co-Captain Feature: Nick Isenhower ’18 Leads With Focus and Passion

Initially recruited for Andover Boys Swimming, Co-Captain Nick Isenhower ’18 joined Boys Water Polo as a new Lower. Despite a lack of water polo experience prior to his arrival at Andover, Isenhower was immediately recognized for his speed in the pool, according to Eric Osband ’19.

Osband said, “I remember seeing Nick swim in one of my first water polo practices and thinking that he was just really fast.”

In addition to his physical ability in the water, Isenhower is known to have a compassionate demeanor, according to Osband.

“Nick is honestly just an amazing captain. He’s a super nice guy and helps the newer people out while also making sure the experienced players keep on learning and improving,” said Osband.

Isenhower’s captaincy allows him to effectively use his abilities to help, support, and mentor all players on the team. This has allowed him to gain respect and likeability from many of his teammates according to Nicholas Schoeller ’18.

“He is always ready to answer questions, and he always listens… Nick is very open to everyone. Whenever people have questions about anything, they can ask him,” Schoeller said.

As a Co-Captain, Isenhower is able to connect with each individual player through humor, creating a cohesive unit according to Neil Simpson ’19.

“Although he may appear to be a very serious person to an outsider, he has a great sense of humor. This definitely helped during the early stages of the season when we were still trying to gel as a team,” added Simpson.

According to Schoeller, one of Isenhower’s best traits is his ability to stay calm in tense situations. This quality is even present when a teammate makes a mistake.

“I think what makes Nick such a great captain is how calm and on top of things he always seems,” said Schoeller. “He doesn’t get angry when people mess up, and he tries to help them improve and learn in a way that isn’t superior or condescending.”

During practices, Isenhower makes sure that his teammates are staying on task and remaining efficient.

Simpson said, “He leads the team in swim sets and often sets the pace for the rest of the group.”

“While everyone else is messing around, Nick is always staying focused,” said Schoeller.

Isenhower’s passion for water polo stems from his long-time involvement in water sports like swimming, sailing, and surfing. His curiosity led to him try water polo at Andover, and he has since exhibited dedication and passion for the sport.

According to Schoeller and Simpson, Isenhower’s commitment to the sport demonstrates his effectiveness as a great leader for everyone on the team. His focus during practices and games makes him a valuable player and a strong leader by example.

“Nick is a great leader both vocally and by example,” said Simpson.

Schoeller added, “He is always working hard, and I think that helps keep everyone in line… Nick leads by example. He is always on time. He never complains about swim sets and is never fooling around when we are supposed to be doing something.”

By being a model player, Isenhower has most definitely made a significant impact on the team.

Isenhower said, “There’s a lot of dedication on this team, and [seeing how much people are willing to put into it has] really been the best part of leading this team… and I think that goes a long way.”

Not only does Isenhower have a knack for hard work and discipline, he also possesses a great sense for fun and games, according to some of his teammates.

Osband said, “He’s devoted to our team and makes sure we can have some fun along with our hard work.”

“One thing that really stands out to me is his ability to recognize when to be serious and when to have a good time,” added Simpson.

For the first time in his Andover career, Isenhower has lead the Boys Water Polo team into the post-season playoffs. According to him, the team’s ultimate goal is to win The New England “Liquid Four” Championships.

Currently, the Andover Boys Water Polo team holds the second seed in playoffs.

With a current record of 11-3, Andover only has two weeks to prepare for the New England “Liquid Four” Tournament. Isenhower has high hopes for bringing home the championship.

Isenhower said, “Going forward [I want to see] what we can do in the playoffs and go for that championship. We’ve got a really great group of guys this year; I want to do as much as we can with that.”

Isenhower said, “I feel like we’ve really come together this season and put in a lot of good work while learning a lot of stuff about the sport. We’ll do well in the postseason.”