Captain Feature

Captain Feature: Alex Fleury ’20 Leads with Down-To-Earth Attitude

Captain Feature: Eric Osband ’19 Couples Unparalleled Water Polo Knowledge with Athleticism

Captain Feature: Neil Simpson ’19 Brings 11 Years of Water Polo Experience to Andover

Henry Rogers ’19 Projects a Genuine Love of the Soccer

Max Levi ’19 Continues to Contribute on Soccer Field Despite Injury

Captain Feature: Co-Captain Jordan Fleming ’18 Stays Cool Under Pressure

Captain Feature: Co-Captain Colby Beré ’18: Second Base Sensation

Co-Captain ’18 Travis Lane Leads With Fun and Spirit on the Field

Captain Feature: Co-Captain Joe Simourian ’18 Unites the Baseball Team With Enthusiasm and Hard Work

Captain Feature: Chatson Aims to Inspire Teammates

Captain Feature: Frankel Upholds Positive Attitude on Andover Water Polo

Captain Feature: Setter Evan Park ’18 Dominates With On-Court Physical Presence

Captain Feature: Blackburn-Johnson ’18 Highlights Responsibility in Athletics

Ananda Kao ’18 Stresses Positivity and Cohesion on Girls Lacrosse

Ashley Tucker ’18 Embraces Welcoming Spirit on Girls Lacrosse

Captain Feature: Molly Katarincic ’18 Is “Able to Switch the Momentum of a Game” for Girls Basketball

Co-Captain Feature: Giacomo Marino ’18 Treats Running as a Team Sport

Co-Captain Feature: Fredericka Lucas ’18 Establishes an Inclusive and Positive Atmosphere for Indoor Track and Field

Captain Feature: Charlotte Welch ’18: “The Kind of Person You Want to Work Hard For”

Captain Feature: Sarah Rigazio ’18 is Humorous Off The Ice, but Strictly Serious On It

Captain Feature: Emelie Eldracher ’18 Inspires Teammates Through Special Pregame Letters

Captain Feature: Captain Spencer Davis ’18 Leads With Dedication and Optimism

Co-Captain Feature: Jason Reynolds ’18 Unifies Team with Energy and Humor

Co-Captain Feature: Dallion Johnson ’20 Sets Standard Through Hard Work and Dedication

Captain Feature: David Tsai ’18 Leads Squash Team with Passion and Athleticism

Captain Feature: Caroline Yun ’18 Inspires Squash Teammates with Unrelenting Work-Ethic

Quinn Doyle ’18 Leads Boys Hockey with a Team-Oriented Mindset

Two-Year Captain Jack Cusack ’18 Rebuilds Andover Hockey

Co-Captain Feature: Nathaniel Smith ’18 Utilizes Strong Communication

Co-Captain Feature: Nick Isenhower ’18 Leads With Focus and Passion

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