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Captain Georgia Ezell ’19 is the “Most Hardworking Runner” Despite Season-Ending Injury

Normally a competitor in the 55-Meter Hurdle and 4×400-Meter Relay, Andover Girls Indoor Track & Field Captain Georgia Ezell ’19 has spent the entire season unable to compete due to shin splints. Even with this, Ezell does everything she can to contribute to the team’s success.

“This year has been really interesting just because I’ve been out with an injury so my role as a captain has been a little bit different. It doesn’t really involve performance standards but I’m always there trying to connect with the lowerclassmen and checking in on everyone to see how people are doing.”

Despite her season-ending injury, Ezell has maintained a vital role on the team, according to Abbey Otterbein PG’19.

“Participating in a sport where you can’t compete is a difficult thing to do but throughout the season she has kept up the positivity, leadership, and encouragement. I definitely admire her for her ability to come to practice everyday ready to help her teammates believe in their own capabilities,” said Otterbein

Ezell began running track her Junior year, and instantly fell in love with the sport. After her first term on the team, Ezell chose to pursue her track career competing with Andover Track & Field for the rest of her time at Andover.

According to Ezell, she joined only with the intention of staying fit for the other sports she was involved in.

“I was honestly just looking for a fun sport to keep me in shape and active because I was training for other sports at the time and I ended up falling in love with the sport. My [Junior] year I played JV basketball but I switched over to Winter Track [& Field] after my first year with this new sport,” said Ezell.

Ezell cross-trains in the Snyder center and leads warm ups despite her injury. According to Sadie Cheston-Harris ’20 and Amy Chew ’20, Ezell’s presence on the team is still one of the most prominent.

“She really cares about track, and although she can’t run, she makes sure that her teammates experience how fun and rewarding the sport can be, just as it is for her. Starting last year, when I didn’t know her as well, she would ride the bus to away meets and invitationals with the team just so she could cheer people on; she was always one of the loudest voices cheering for me on the sidelines,” said Cheston-Harris.

“I think Georgia’s the most hardworking runner on the team despite her not actually running. she gives one hundred percent in cheering everyone on at the starting line, and is there at the finish ready to shower them with compliments,” said Chew.

Ezell credits past members of Andover Indoor Track & Field for pushing her to try new events and supporting her throughout her trials.

“I think as an athlete I really looked up to the upperclassmen on the team who really supported me as I tried new events and found my footing in the track team. Being on the team here is like being a part of a large family,” said Ezell.

Ezell’s upbeat energy and tenacity make her a standout member and captain, according to Victoria Darling ’22.

“Everyday before practice, Georgia and [Captain] Owen [Glover ’19] lead warm-ups in a birthday circle and they run our warm-up laps as well. Georgia always gives us motivational talks, reminds us to stay healthy, and train hard. She really encourages us and is always very upbeat. Georgia also is super inclusive helps everyone with anything,” said Darling.

According to Ezell, even with her injury, she still finds ways to make the most of her experience.

“I find myself supporting people who may be struggling with different things like an injury which is something I have a lot of experience with. I still love being there and doing a lot of behind the scenes work as well as leading core circuits, something I can contribute to besides running,” said Ezell.

Ezell appreciates the growth and changing nature of the team from year to year.

Ezell said, “Season after season I’m always astonished by how much the team grows. Watching people come together who have no experience and end up winning incredible races has been amazing. It is great to make strong connections with all sorts of people from different grades and this is really facilitated by the track team.”