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Captain Feature: Co-Captain Jordan Fleming ’18 Stays Cool Under Pressure

Jordan Fleming ’18 came to Andover as a new Lower, and now serves as one of Andover Varsity Softball’s co-captains.

Her positivity and composure is a large part of her leadership role, according to Katie Morris ’21.

“I admire her ability to stay calm under pressure. She never lets the moment carry her away, and makes the clutch plays when we need them most. I admire her positivity, also, she is very encouraging, especially of the younger players like me,” wrote Morris in an email to The Phillipian.

According to Bridget Santos ’21 and Shahinda Bahnasy ’20, Fleming’s organization and welcoming personality is another key facet.

“What makes her a unique captain is all of the stuff she does behind the scenes, she does a lot more for the team than most know and is very humble about it. She organizes a lot of our events and keeps the team in check,” said Santos.

Santos continued, “Jordan leads the team as an athlete by being a quiet leader, she never complains and is a very thoughtful athlete. As a friend she is always open to talking to the underclassman, and gives lots of great advice.”

Bahnasy said, “Jordan has always been an amazing leader. She consistently releases positivity no matter the circumstances. Jordan is capable of playing almost every position, and I think that contributes to her leadership, as she is able to understand the players’ struggles and accomplishments.”

According to Santos, Fleming consistently leads by example by maintaining a encouraging attitude and being diligent in her play.

“What I admire about Jordan is her optimistic personality and her work ethic. Both of these things are essential for success as a leader on and off the field,” said Santos.

Alongside Co-Captain Colby Beré ’18, Fleming helped lead the team to a second place finish at the Big East tournament this past Saturday.