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Co-Captain ’18 Travis Lane Leads With Fun and Spirit on the Field

Lane struck out 10 batters in the first game of the CNEPSBL championships.
A.Boriss/The Phillipian

Lane struck out 10 batters in the first game of the CNEPSBL championships.

Andover Baseball Captain Travis Lane ‘18 leads the team as it’s pitcher and first baseman. With the season ending in a championship for the team, Lane proved his leadership through their performance. When asked what he was most proud of with team, Lane stressed how every teammates stayed focused on their goal; a championship.

Lane said, “I’m proud of how everyone on the team supported each other. No one cared about anything other than winning and that is what makes winning teams. Our goal was to win a championship and in order to complete that task we knew we had to not take any days off and pay attention to all the little details every practice and every game and I think all the guys did a really good job with that.”

Throughout the season, according to Anthony Redfern ‘18, Lane not only showed intensity in his game, but also humor with the team.

Redfern said, “Travis’ best attribute as a captain was staying true to himself and keeping things light in all situations. Travis was probably the funniest guy on the team this year, and he never failed to make myself or other guys laugh. He balanced the seriousness and laughter of being a captain very well which made him a good leader.”

Jake Zanazzi ‘18 added on Lane’s fun spirit on the field.

Zanazzi said, “Travis was able to keep things upbeat and lighthearted, whether that be with his dance moves during warm-ups or his patented dab after hitting a double”.

“He always brings a positive energy, and finds a way to make me laugh in a ton of ways. His sense of humor and knowledge for the game help bring this team together, and he finds a way to take the stress off of a lot of the difficult things we’re asked to do as a team,” added Peter Ling ‘20.

Along with his lighthearted side of his personality, Lane has stayed focused throughout the season, which culminated in a record of 19-2. According to Lucas Stowe ‘20, Lane has always been engaged in every game.

Stowe said, “He really motivated us all to work hard and stay focused every day. During games he lead us well by always being a presence on the mound and at the plate. The type of player you want on your team and never on the other.”

Redfern added, “Travis and I were throwing partners this year, and we always made sure that we focused on the little things every day, like throwing the ball, hitting a target and focusing on putting intent into everything. We made sure we were always working to make each other better. It paid off in the end.”

According to Lane, the team improved at endurance in their games, especially ones in the 8th and 9th innings.

Lane said, “I think the team improved staying focused on every pitch of every game as the season went on. At the beginning of the season, I think we would get too relaxed at times and just rely on our talent to win games. After losing 1 game and then another a little later I saw a huge difference in how no one took a pitch off ever and was always locked in. This paid huge dividends in the playoffs.”

When asked about how Lane helped him improve over the season, Peter Ling ‘20 emphasized how much of a mentor Lane was for him, not just this year but in previous years.

Ling said, “Travis has helped me tremendously throughout the past two years, and continue to show leadership qualities before being elected captain. Whenever I have trouble with a drill or don’t see myself succeeding at a certain aspect of the game, talking to Travis and getting his take on it is always very meaningful. He is somebody that is irreplaceable, and an inspiration I will definitely never forget.”

Matthew Sapienza ‘21 stressed how crucial having Lane as a captain was for him, especially as as Junior.

Sapienza said, “Being a freshman, there were tons of things I didn’t know coming into the season. Travis helped me adjust to the team’s playing style and was there to help me if I needed something or just had a question.”

When asked about what he’ll miss about the team, Lane will always remember his friendships with each player.

“I’m going to miss the friendships and all of the laughs we had every day. We were a serious team when we had to be but I think everyone will miss all the jokes and fun times we had together on and off the field.”