Captain Feature

Captain Feature: Versatile Co-Captain Will Litton ‘19 is ‘The Voice of the Team’

Captain Feature: Michael Thompson ’20 Uses Engaging Personality and Energy to Connect with Teammates

Allison Zhu ’19 Played for Shanghai Boys Soccer Team After Girls Team Disbanded

‘The Biggest Heart and Hardest Worker’: Elise MacDonald ’19 Embodies Team Spirit

Rhea Chandran ’19 Inspires Teammates with Enduring Positivity

Captain Feature: Alex Fleury ’20 Leads with Down-To-Earth Attitude

Captain Feature: Eric Osband ’19 Couples Unparalleled Water Polo Knowledge with Athleticism

Captain Feature: Neil Simpson ’19 Brings 11 Years of Water Polo Experience to Andover

Henry Rogers ’19 Projects a Genuine Love of the Soccer

Max Levi ’19 Continues to Contribute on Soccer Field Despite Injury

Captain Feature: Co-Captain Jordan Fleming ’18 Stays Cool Under Pressure

Captain Feature: Co-Captain Colby Beré ’18: Second Base Sensation

Co-Captain ’18 Travis Lane Leads With Fun and Spirit on the Field

Captain Feature: Co-Captain Joe Simourian ’18 Unites the Baseball Team With Enthusiasm and Hard Work

Captain Feature: Chatson Aims to Inspire Teammates

Captain Feature: Frankel Upholds Positive Attitude on Andover Water Polo

Captain Feature: Setter Evan Park ’18 Dominates With On-Court Physical Presence

Captain Feature: Blackburn-Johnson ’18 Highlights Responsibility in Athletics

Ananda Kao ’18 Stresses Positivity and Cohesion on Girls Lacrosse

Ashley Tucker ’18 Embraces Welcoming Spirit on Girls Lacrosse

Captain Feature: Molly Katarincic ’18 Is “Able to Switch the Momentum of a Game” for Girls Basketball

Co-Captain Feature: Giacomo Marino ’18 Treats Running as a Team Sport

Co-Captain Feature: Fredericka Lucas ’18 Establishes an Inclusive and Positive Atmosphere for Indoor Track and Field

Captain Feature: Charlotte Welch ’18: “The Kind of Person You Want to Work Hard For”

Captain Feature: Sarah Rigazio ’18 is Humorous Off The Ice, but Strictly Serious On It

Captain Feature: Emelie Eldracher ’18 Inspires Teammates Through Special Pregame Letters

Captain Feature: Captain Spencer Davis ’18 Leads With Dedication and Optimism

Co-Captain Feature: Jason Reynolds ’18 Unifies Team with Energy and Humor

Co-Captain Feature: Dallion Johnson ’20 Sets Standard Through Hard Work and Dedication

Captain Feature: David Tsai ’18 Leads Squash Team with Passion and Athleticism

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