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Captain Q&As: Golf

What do you enjoy about golf?

Yeetang Kwok ’20: I am a really competitive person, and I think the sport really suits my personality in a way that, especially in team golf, it’s matchplay that you are trying to beat the person hole by hole… In the spring, you go out there with your friends, hang out there on the golf course for a couple of hours, and come back feeling really refreshed. Every single time I go on the golf course, it is almost like a retreat and a place to relax.

Ethan Weissman ’21: I really like how golf is an individual sport but here at [Andover], you’re in a group with your teammates, and I also love how at the same time you’re focusing on your own match against the opponent, you also have a teammate there supporting you.

What is your favorite team tradition?

Kwok: After the Newport Invitational, we like to go to the Newport creamery. The whole team goes there together, and it is just a lot of fun and the food is also really good.

What makes being on an Andover team different than your past golf teams?

Weissman: It really is the team aspect that makes Andover Golf so different. I’ve never been a part of a golf team before, so the idea of being a part of a bigger whole is a team aspect that you don’t normally see in golf.

Kwok: Before Andover, I played mainly just for myself to see if I can beat all these other guys, but on the Andover team, it gives me even more motivation because… I’m playing for our win as a whole… I think we have a great culture where everyone just uplifts each other. It’s a great team to be a part of and has allowed me to see golf in a whole new way.

What were you most excited for this season?

Weissman: I was really excited to act alongside the other captains, [Derrick Brown ’20] and Yeetang. They are older than me so [they] really take charge, and I admire how they lead the team. They carry a lot of the weight, and I try to follow their example and learn how to better lead the team.

Kwok: This year, I was excited for the regular matches. The tournaments I look forward to the most are the Newport Invitational, which is held at the extraordinary Newport Country Club, as well as the Tabor match, and of course our series of three matches with Exeter and Governor’s Academy. I was also looking forward to seeing the new players—I think we got a lot of freshmen joining this year—and just seeing how they play and getting to know them.

How are you trying to connect with your team despite being off-campus?

Kwok: Right now, I am texting the players on the team, checking in on how they’re doing and seeing if they are able to play any golf. It’s tough right now because if we were in season, we would see each other every day, but I’m still trying to reach out to them and make an effort to help in any way I can.

Editor’s Note: Co-Captain Derrick Brown could not be reached for comment.