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Captain Q&As: Softball

Co-Captain Emma Slibeck ’20 led Andover Softball to a 11-4 record last season

How are you trying to connect your team despite being off-campus?

Emma Slibeck ’20: We have done a few Zoom team meetings which have been super fun and informal. Even though we were only officially together for a couple of days, we had gotten pretty close as a team, so it has been nice to see everyone and get to “hang out” together. We have also done a few funny Instagram challenges (shameless plug @andoversoftball), which are always really cool to see what everyone comes up with.

What are you going to miss most about Andover Softball?

Jacque Harrington ’20: I’m going to miss seeing all my teammates every day. During the winter when we begin Hitters Club, I am always so excited to see everyone and catch up. That excitement continues all throughout the season, because the connections and friendships I have made on this team are second to none. There is never a boring moment with these girls, and they always bring a smile to my face no matter the occasion.

What has been your favorite moment on the team?

Slibeck: It is really hard to answer that, because I think all of [the Andover Softball (PASB)] season is my favorite moment, but I remember last year very vividly when we played BB&N for the first time that season after losing to them in the finals the year before, and we had an incredible game. It was a tough game, and we played incredibly well and we won. The bus ride back, we were all so happy celebrating our win. It was just a really fun night to be with my team.

Harrington: Every year towards the end of the season, we host our annual Big East tournament. It is a weekend-long event that a bunch of teams come to, and we play until we have a victor. The parents are always such a big help, bringing us breakfast (since our games start before [Paresky Commons] is open) and barbecuing after our last game. It brings us all together to celebrate our achievements throughout the season and is our big event that we look forward to all year.

How have your coaches impacted your Andover experience?

Slibeck: Coach Lindsay [Maroney ’07] is obviously very dedicated to our team and to winning, which we always like to see, but she also makes sure that we have fun and get to be ourselves on the field… Over my time here, my coaches have always been ready to work with me and improve my skills, which was something I was a bit scared of my first year, and it has made it into a much better softball player over the years. They have made me want to be a better player both for my team and myself.

Why do you love Andover Softball?

Harrington: I love PASB because the girls are some of the most compassionate and caring people I have met and have everyone’s backs. In addition, we know how to compete and have had very successful seasons both years I have been a part of PASB.

What have you learned from playing softball at Andover?

Slibeck: I have become a much better player and athlete over my time at Andover, but I think I have also become a better teammate and person… I am a very competitive person, and while I am always there to win, I am also there to support my teammates, encourage people to go out there and give it their best, and have fun.

Harrington: I have learned how to create bonds with teammates and be a leader that people can trust in talking to. I have played on lots of teams, but when I first joined PASB, I noticed that it was a family, and I wanted to be on a team like that during my whole time here.