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Captain Q&As: Boys Tennis

Co-Captain Nash Johnson ’20 is a two-year captain for Boys Tennis.

When did you begin playing tennis?

Nash Johnson ’20: I started learning tennis at age six and I began to play in tournaments at age eight. My parents let me try a variety of sports, but I liked tennis the best because it took brains and athleticism.

What is your favorite part of Andover Tennis?

Johnson: My time with Andover Tennis has been filled with incredible players, leaders, coaches, and friends. I love the small community that is formed by the tennis team, as the size forces individuals to get to know one another. The whole team needs to connect if they want to find success, and I love how close everyone gets.

How has the team helped you grow in the Andover community?

Johnson: As a [Junior], being part of the team gave me more confidence, and I felt more comfortable speaking to upperclassmen as a younger student. Teams in general help to bridge the gaps between grades, which I greatly appreciated as a [Junior].

How are you trying to connect with your team despite being off campus?

Johnson: We’ve kept in touch semi-regularly, and I’ve checked in with most teammates individually to see how they are faring. As a whole, we are mourning the loss of the season and are hoping to reconnect in person once it is safe to do so.

Editor’s Note: Co-Captain Hayden Gura ’20 could not be reached for comment.