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Soccer Star Isobel Glass ’21 Plays with ‘Fire in Her Belly’

Andover Girls Soccer Co-Captain Isobel Glass ’21 knew she loved the sport as soon as she stepped onto the pitch in kindergarten. According to Head Coach Lisa Joel, this passion has enabled Glass to develop into one of the top players in the region over the course of her four years on the team.

“Isobel is one of the top players not just in our program but in New England Prep School. She is a fierce and talented soccer player. I think one of the best [around],” Joel said.

Glass’ skills on the field are just one part of what makes her an impactful member of the team. According to Joel, Glass’ compassion, zeal, and humility made her exactly what the team is looking for in a leader.

Joel said, “My expectation of our captains would be that they are role models not just for the team, but also for the program. I think that is relevant now more than ever as we are thinking about a program and not just a tryout for GVS. I am expecting that my Captains, on and off the field, are conducting themselves in a way that their peers will admire in terms of hard work, commitment, and care.”

Joel continued, “She is also humble. I think that is what her teammates see in her. I think sometimes star players lose some humility, but I don’t think that is Isobel at all. She actually goes about her success quietly.”

Glass expressed gratitude for the role her dad played in her journey as a soccer player and credits him as being one of the reasons she developed a love for the sport early on.

Glass said, “I was lucky enough to have my dad coaching me for a number of my early years, which was awesome. He is from Ireland and is big into soccer, and he played a lot when he was younger, so that was so fun always having him as a coach and a cheerleader as I began playing.”

As Glass looks back on her path to Andover and her development as a player, she is able to pinpoint where her tenacity and grit originated.

Glass said, “[My dad says,] ‘You gotta have a fire in your belly when you play.’”

Joel and Myra Bhathena ’22 noted that Glass’ most admirable strength on and off the field is this same determination.

Bhathena said, “There is a lot to admire about Isobel, but basically she is the most tenacious player on every field she plays on. When she is on the wing, she is running up and down that flank at 100 miles per hour, 24/7, all the time. She never quits going after the ball, and she always gets the ball whenever she has the opportunity to. I just admire how passionate she is with every minute she is on the field.”

“She is really fierce. I think teammates go to her as the go-to player to make things happen, and I think that is a very important trait for a captain,” added Joel.

Glass, on the contrary, believes she takes a more composed approach when leading the team.

“I would describe my leadership style as quiet, calm, and supportive of others, and to lift others up no matter who it is or how they are doing. I try to create a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone on the team…and put them before myself,” said Glass.

Although matches for the fall season are canceled, the team still has the opportunity to train together. According to Joel, both veteran and new players will look to Glass for leadership and support throughout the fall.

Joel said, “Isobel will be back at Graves, training soon on [September] 28. On that field, there will be a lot of Seniors and then a whole bunch of Juniors all who enjoy soccer. They are going to have the pleasure of seeing the training [and] work rate of a high-caliber player like Isobel, as Isobel is a Division 1 athlete.”

Glass will continue her soccer career at the collegiate level next year at the University of Pennsylvania.