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Co-Captain Emma Fogg ’21 is the ‘Point Guard’ of the Defense

Known among her teammates as a defensive leader, Co-Captain Emma Fogg ’21 has been an integral member of Andover Girls Soccer since arriving at Andover her Lower year. Head Coach Lisa Joel believes Fogg’s field awareness and quick thinking makes her a standout player and a leader that teammates look up to.

“Emma has an ability to play out wide in the backfield as well lead the team at center back. It is in the center of the back that her leadership shines. Emma understands the game at a different level, always problem solving on the field. She acts decisively, as a point guard of sorts, to direct the play of her teammates,” said Joel.

According to Fogg, her love for competition and strategy has fueled her passion for soccer over the years. 

“I’m a very competitive person. For me, I love the way the passing is, the physical contact against other players, and especially winning games. Just everything about it makes me love it and it’s also very satisfying for me with the different plays, crossing, heading, and shooting,” said Fogg.

Joel attributes Fogg’s success in the biggest games in past seasons to her exceptional work ethic.

Joel said, “The bigger the game, the more Emma rises to the occasion and I’m certain that in the months and seasons ahead, with her work ethic, we are going to see her get better and better as a player.”

For Fogg, the team’s sense of community has been a key factor to her development and experience on the team.

“It’s definitely one of my favorite parts at Andover because it’s an instant family. The camaraderie and the togetherness is really good and some of my best friends that I’m going to know for the rest of my life, I’ve met on that team,” said Fogg.

This season, Fogg recognizes the new challenges that will arise with remote learning and hopes to create a strong team chemistry, despite the cancelation of interscholastic competitions.

Fogg said, “I definitely want to incorporate the new kids on this team because the situation is very tough and I want to foster the team camaraderie that we have had in years past. Because there is no season, we have to focus on the things we can control, and creating a good team environment throughout the program is something we can control.”

Along with her fellow Co-Captains Isobel Glass ’21 and Karoline Conte ’21, Fogg has found different ways to connect with both returning and new members of the team. 

“We have done a lot of team Zooms as well as Facetiming a lot of people off campus. I hope to see everyone when the [Lowers] and [Uppers] come back to campus,” said Fogg.