Captain Feature Winter Track & Field

Co-Captain Feature: Giacomo Marino ’18 Treats Running as a Team Sport

Continuing his co-captainship for Boys Cross Country, Giacomo Marino ’18, a four-year Senior from Durham, N.C., serves as a Co-Captain for Andover Boys Indoor Track & Field. Marino is recognized as an outstanding long-distance runner, specifically excelling in the one and two-mile runs.

According to Marino, he did not have much experience or motivation to run when he picked up the sport during his Junior year.

Marino said, “I began Indoor Track in my [Junior] year. I had previous experience in running, and I chose the sport because I did not have anything else to do in the winter.”

However, his love for the sport developed through his dedication and personal favor of the unique atmosphere of Indoor Track.

Marino said, “Compared to other track sports, I think that there is a special atmosphere at Indoor Track. When I race, I am in a small, secluded space which makes the teammates physically closer, which fosters camaraderie within the team. Also, during the meets, I could hear everyone cheering, which makes me realize the physical support and voices I receive from my teammates, in contrast to outdoor track [during] which I am often by myself at the other side of the huge track. Everyone is often yelling and screaming for their teammates. It’s just an awesome space to be and to run [in].”

According to Marino, Indoor Track has equipped him with leadership skills that have helped him recognize the great importance of team camaraderie and the necessity of a positive environment.

Marino said, “Ever since I started, Indoor Track has positively [increased the] overall significance of running in my life. It definitely taught me the concept of what it means to be a member and now, a leading role of a team sport, while running is often perceived as an individual sport. I think track is very special because even though each member of the team could be involved in different events, we assemble together at meets, work for a common goal of winning. Teammates are often beside you when you’re competing, fostering such a good environment.”

According to teammate Alex Fleury ’20, Marino harnesses leadership through his commitment to the sport and fosters a motivating environment for the team.

Fleury said, “Giacomo is a great captain and inspires me to work hard every day. Every day he is excited to get out there with the team and give it his all, which is something I strive to do. He leads us all, whether we are distance runners or throwers, to love the sport and compete well. He is always excited to get out there with the team and give it his all. He constantly brings a good attitude, which creates an energetic team environment.”

Assistant Coach Jeffrey Domina wrote an email to The Phillipian, “[Marino] loves to compete, and he does a great job of balancing attention to his opponents and focus on running his own race. When he’s on the track, he wins points for his team and inspires his teammates to do their best as well. Giacomo’s athleticism is evident not only in every race but also in every workout. He works hard, and he knows how to push himself, and you can see the joy he feels in doing so.”

According to Head Coach Rebecca Hession, Marino retains leadership over the entire team despite its large roster, with over 100 students.

Coach Hession said, “Giacomo understands that the team component of track and field is incredibly important. Giacomo’s strengths include his ability to foster a sense of community with the entire team, how he leads by example with own training and approach to competition and his genuine enthusiasm the sport. With over 100 teammates on [Andover Track & Field], the ability to inspire a sense of community is key to a successful season. “

Unfortunately, Marino is suffering from injury and is unable to compete for the rest of the season. According to Michael Turner ’20, despite his inability to compete, Marino always maintains his presence at the meets and cheers for his teammates.

Turner said, “Giacomo has been a great captain. Even though he is injured, he still comes to meets and practice. He is a great source of inspiration for every one of us. [An example of his inspiration is his] speeches for the team before every meet for us to get hyped and rallied up.”