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Captain’s Feature: Will Hartemink ’17 Leads Team through Dedication and Experience

Hailing from Katy, Tex., Captain Will Hartemink ’17 has been vital in securing multiple first-place finishes in the 4×400 Yard Relay for Indoor Track & Field this season. Along with his raw athleticism, Hartemink possesses the ability to create a calming atmosphere for his teammates, setting him apart as a well-respected leader.

Andrei Dumitrescu ’18 said, “Will is a really good captain because he is the type of person to lead by example. He leads us with his passion for the sport, and he leads us with his speed on the track…We can always rely on him to be the calm and confident rock, and also always rely on him to pick us up when we are down.”

With over nine years of experience, Hartemink has developed a deep passion for the sport.

“Long before Andover, I ran to feel the wind in my face and the feeling of getting somewhere without the help of some machine like a bike or a car. I began running track in third grade, but took [the sport of] running wherever I went,” said Hartemink.

According to teammates, Hartemink’s upbeat spirit is infectious and increases the confidence and ability of other runners on the track.

Nick Bevacqua ’19 said, “He encourages everyone on the team to stay to the end of meets and cheer on our teammates. He is always promoting school spirit and Andover Track & Field pride.”

Hartemink’s love for the sport has helped him foster relationships over the course of his time at Andover.

Hartemink said, “When I came to Andover, I had no doubt I would do track. Soon, I met some of my best friends on the team, and so I kept with it all four years, indoor and outdoor. What else could I have asked for?”

Both Hartemink and Captain Sidney Holder ’17 have also maintained long-standing traditions to increase unity on the team.

“Our motto ‘hard body,’ daily birthday jumping-jacks, and our season-opening meet at Andover High. All these traditions bring us together, and when it comes time to perform, we compete like a real team,” Hartemink continued.

Hartemink is also dedicated to creating a familial atmosphere, ensuring each member of the track community feels valued.

Hartemink said, “My favorite race is the four by four relay. It’s a tough race, but the relay reminds you that you belong to a team. Everyone’s cheering voices help the runners speed.  Nothing motivates me more.”

Although he is a Senior, Hartemink’s genuine kindness makes him an approachable captain for both newcomers and returning members to the team.

Sam Tobin ’18 said, “What sets Will apart is not only his incredible running talent, but the fact that he is one of the nicest guys on the team. I’ve not once seen him boast about his own fantastic accomplishments, but constantly witness him congratulating others on their own.”

Hartemink wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “I like to talk to my teammates one-on-one on a personal level. I want each of my teammates to know that I believe in them, and that I’ll be proud no matter what the results of the meet are. I also often remind them of a little piece of advice from experience, ‘Don’t leave the track thinking “I could have done more.” Leave the track thinking “I did it,” and hold onto that memory forever.’ ”