Boys Hockey Captain Feature

Quinn Doyle ’18 Leads Boys Hockey with a Team-Oriented Mindset

Gliding across the ice in Andover Boys Hockey’s first game of the season, Co-Captain Quinn Doyle ’18 dodged his defender to the outside and connected a pass to Kevin Ouellette ’18 who wristed the puck into the back of the net for a goal. Doyle not only brings several years of experience to the team, but also a selflessness that serves the team, according to teammate Sawyer Moody ’19.

Moody said, “Doyle always puts the team before himself. That’s just how he is as a guy.”

Originally from Rochester, N.Y., Doyle grew up playing hockey alongside his four older brothers. Doyle was originally drawn to the sport because the energy and pace suited him as a child. In addition to his brothers, Doyle’s father also played hockey. Doyle cites him as one of his main inspirations for picking up the sport.

Doyle said, “[My father’s] hockey career [inspires] me to try to go as far I can. He played college [hockey] at Rochester Institute of Technology and ended up playing in the [professional league] for a couple of years.”

According to his teammates, Doyle skates, shoots, stick handles, and maneuvers with experienced dexterity.

Sawyer Moody ’19 said, “[Doyle] is a very skilled player. He has the ability to not only dangle around players but he can also skate really fast. He has a really good shot which can beat goalies no matter if there’s a screen in front of the net or not, and he is also a really good defensive player.”

“He probably has the best hands on the team; he’s really good at stickhandling. He has a great shot, and he has really good vision,” said teammate Joe Moffitt ’20. “He can beat someone when he wants to, and he knows where to pass.”

According to Head Coach Paul Tortorella ’80, Doyle embodies an ideal work ethic, leaving everything on the ice during both practices and matchups.

Coach Tortorella said, “On the ice, he brings the team together by making sacrifices, either physically or to get the puck up to another person. He’s always hustling and playing all the different parts of the game: physical, mental, skill, passing, shooting, checking.”

With his technical ability and diligence, Doyle inspires his teammates by setting a high standard of excellence and encouraging them to follow his example.

Carter Giampietro ’19 said, “He’s always making sure the boys are following him. He’s always the hardest working guy out there. He makes sure never to take a shift off. All of the guys feed off of his energy.”

Coach Tortorella said, “He is a quiet leader, and he makes a lot of sacrifices for the team and for the game. He is a complete player. He works hard on and off the ice and is always positive. He is always a positive force no matter what and a very focused person. All that combined makes him an excellent leader and someone to look up to.”

Moffitt said, “His confidence as a player is really inspiring. He’s shown me and the whole team what it takes to be an Andover player.”

In addition, Doyle helps to create a positive atmosphere on the team, bringing the already tight-knit team even closer.

Giampietro said, “His strength as a leader is he can always make the boys smile. He’s one of the funniest guys I know, and he’s super easy to talk to and super approachable, which is a good trait to have as a captain.”

“He does a really good job of bringing in new people in because he is a really good speaker and you never really feel uncomfortable around [Doyle] because he’s such a nice kid,” said Moody. “I think they adapted well because of [Doyle’s] confidence and leadership.”

Doyle possesses an unremitting calmness and positivity even in the toughest of situations according to Moody. According to Moffitt, however, Doyle is unafraid to defend what comes first in his mind: his teammates.

Moffitt said, “In our game Saturday there was a scrum in front of the net and he came out of nowhere and he just rammed the guy because he was protecting our goalie and that’s a pretty good show of his character. He doesn’t want anyone to mess around with his players.”

Doyle’s leadership and playing skills make him one of the foremost role models on the team.

Moody said, “[Doyle] has taught me to always keep my head up and to always stay positive no matter what challenges I may face in hockey and on the team by leading by example.”