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Review: 40 Years Later—ABBA’s Farewell ‘Voyage’ Comes out with a Dazzling Bang

“This Film is the Velvet Underground”: “The Velvet Underground” is an Immersion in the Avant-Garde 1960s

Review: “The North Water” is a Bleak, Deliberate, and Chilling Horror

First Sketchy Show of the Year Backed by Improvisational Preparation

The Addison Gallery of American Art Celebrates its Legacy On its 90th Anniversary

Ariel Wang ’21 Combines ‘Non-Standard’ Flute and Piano Repertoire in Senior Recital

Juniors and Lowers Attend Spring Term Casino Night

Review: Atmospheric ‘Honeydew’ is a Double Edged Sword

Review: Arctic Horror and Terrific Writing—‘The Terror’ is an Exemplar of Small-Screen Storytelling

David Zhu ’21 Utilizes Trendy Style through Accessories and Pastel Color Palettes as Form of Self-Expression

Review: ‘The Lost Pirate Kingdom’ Meanders in the Shallows, Never Puts to Sea

Andover Writers Alliance Holds Writer’s Symposium Emphasizing Expression, Passion, and Community

Celebrating Black History Month: Black Artists in Film

Review: “The Little Things” is a Nostalgic, Albeit Mediocre, Return to the 90s

Currents/Crosscurrents Addison Exhibition Highlights Marginalized Narratives of American Art History

After Andover: Michael Hurt ’90 Examines Subcultures With Korean Street Photography

After Andover: Documentary Filmmaker Robin Hessman ’90 Applies Lessons from Andover and Experiences in Russia to Career

Lexi Tucci ’22 Channels Creative Energy and Emotion through Dance

After Andover: Art Advisor and Curator Andrea Feldman Falcione ’83 Builds Network Through Diverse Job Experiences

Drama Labs Virtual Halloween Special Show Brings New Opportunities for Performers

Review: “Positions” by Ariana Grande Is Repetitive and Unoriginal

Review: “Rebecca” is Haunted by Past Adaptations

Review: The Verdict on “The Trial of the Chicago 7”

Self-Taught Clothing Designer Natasha Muromcew ’22 Finds Inspiration in ’90s Fashion and Professional Artists

Movie Review: “Enola Holmes” Addresses Feminism by Revisiting Victorian England

“Headrush” Jack Warren ’22 Releases Four Songs During Quarantine

Rory Haltmaier ’20 Writes Picture Book During Gap Year

The Andover Edition: Same Interview, Four Years Apart

Former Blue Strut and Hypnotiq Co-Head Alexa Goulas ’18 Credits Andover with Fostering Leadership Skills

Cam Wacker ’21 Takes Risks in her Fashion Choices Through Versatility and Accessories

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