Juniors and Lowers Attend Spring Term Casino Night

Students gathered in the Gelb Tent on Saturday to attend Andover’s annual Casino Night. Open to only Juniors and Lowers, students were provided free chips for games and unlike in past years, there was no entrance fee. While students remarked on the significant differences between this Casino Night and previous ones, they also expressed that they were glad to partake in the activities and dress for the occasion. 


Victoria Ortiz ’23:

“I’m not really a dress person, I’ve always really wanted to buy a suit, and I just also really love the color green, so I thought that’d be dope. Originally I was going to [wear] blue [to] match with the Andover vibe, but I found this really nice green one four days ago, and I thought it would look really nice with some white [to] keep it nice and springy, but also good for a casino.”

Devan Hernandez ’23:

“Basically, when I got out of the shower, I put my robe on, and I was like, ‘this will do.’ I put a chain on, slapped a hat on, and that’s basically how the outfit came together… I’m looking forward to hopefully winning some big money, and maybe some prizes even. Me and my friends, we’re gonna pool all of our chips together at the end of the night and try to win some big prizes.”


Michelle Yao ’23:

“I’m wearing a tank top with long pants that have a Japanese style pattern on them, black leather shoes, and a matching belt. I also have a short black jacket with sleeves falling off-shoulder. The conditions are different [this year], but [Casino Night] still achieved the goal of having everyone interact. Everyone seems to be enjoying it, myself included.”


Alana Chiang ’24:

“[I came to Casino Night] to meet new people and talk to my friends, obviously to take pictures… It’s pretty fun. There are so many games you can choose from, and it did live up to my expectations.”


Magnus Adams ’23:

“Really, it all started when I found a pair of white pants in the Uniqlo clearance section, and I thought: ‘I am going to make this the greatest outfit that I have ever worn.’ And so I did. I went to a Lord & Taylor nearby that was going out of business and got a nice shirt… I picked myself up a nice waistcoat and white blazer for a pretty good price. From there, it just sat itself together.”


Arim Lee ’24:

“This dress was actually from Halloween… I thought that everyone else was going to wear black and velvet and red, so I decided to go for a more flowy, pastel kind of vibe… I honestly have not been participating in the actual games a lot, but it has been fun dressing up, talking to everyone, and getting to meet all the people that we were so separated from during Winter Term.”